Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Along the southern edge of the Amalfi Coast, the cliffside village of Positano was built vertically above the tide.
  • The steep roads are a testament to the town's 17th-century roots when it was protecting itself from invasions.
  • An abundance of lemon trees defines the region as a prime spot to sip on ice cold limoncello.
  • Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck, and, more recently, Gwyneth Paltrow have made the journey to this chic town for an Italian retreat.
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The Pride of Coastal Italy

On the southern, central side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the picturesque town of Positano sits along the unrivaled Amalfi Coast. With more than 28 miles of dramatic and winding coastline, pebbled beaches, and narrow stairways winding up a variety of inclines, it’s no mystery that the region has been drawing travelers the world over for centuries. You might recognize Positano as the backdrop for the film Under the Tuscan Sun. John Steinbeck described the town as “a dream place that isn’t quite real.” Best known for the clusters of sun-bleached villas that dot its colorful hillside and relaxed way of life, this is truly la dolce vita.

Quick Facts

    50 °F - 68 °F
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  • Prolific Italian History

    You're a short drive from dozens of historical Italian landmarks and architecture. These are a few of our favorites.

    The Royal Palace of Caserta. Built for Charles VI of Naples, this former royal residence's Baroque style has been beautifully maintained and is the famous gem of the Bourbon monarchy.

    Grotte di Pertosa. The Pertosa Caves are a series of limestock rock caves that have been carved for more than 35 million years by the Negro River. Located in the Cliento National Park, this historical site is accessible by boat tour. Warm clothes and protective shoes are recommended.

    Paestum. Some of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples are located in Paestum, an ancient Greek city. You can also take in painted tombs from times of Lucanian rule and a Roman amphitheater.

    Pompeii. These ancient Roman ruins are world famous for their preservation by a cataclysmic volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The lack of air and moisture in the hardened ash and pumice have frozen the moment and its people in time.

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Travel Tips


  • Forecasting Your Positano Vacation

    The Mediterranean climate of Positano makes the weather pleasant year-round. High season for the Amalfi Coast is April to June, when flowers are blooming and travelers visit in abundance. The warmest temperatures (mid 80s) will occur in July and August. Early summer and early fall are the best seasons to visit if you favor mild temperatures. 


Map of Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

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