Sydney, Australia

deally located in the Rocks District near Sydney Opera House, The Langham Sydney offers several luxuriously furnished rooms and suites for Inspirato travelers. The hotel’s elegant, midcentury aesthetic and bright, sunlit interiors offer a serene refuge within this bustling city.

The most spacious accommodation, dubbed The Residence, includes a full modern kitchen and formal dining room, along with grand picture windows offering views of the Western Harbour and Sydney skyline. After a day touring this vibrant city, you can find peace and relaxation in the hotel’s spa, sauna, or indoor swimming pool. 

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Delight in the Land Down Under

A culturally rich, cosmopolitan capital with near-perfect weather, bordered by stunning landscapes and intriguing wildlife - Sydney sounds almost too good to be true. The sprawling city features everything a traveler could want from an urban hub, such as fine shopping and endless activities. Yet just outside its borders, exotic scenery unfolds for miles, enticing adventurers to spend days exploring the beauty. In addition, Sydney is incredibly diverse - 40 percent of its denizens are foreigners - resulting in an exquisite array of restaurants and festivals. With accommodations at Langham Sydney, Inspirato Members are ideally located in the city's heart.

Quick Facts

  • Suggested Airport
    Sydney Airport (SYD)
  • Capital of
    New South Wales
  • Locals
  • Electricity
    220/240 volts
  • Sydney Festival

Fresh Things To Do

Featured Activity

  • The Incomparable Sydney Harbour

    The historical and modern anchor of the city, Sydney Harbour and its surrounding inlets, coves and smaller harbors together form Port Jackson, a 21-square-mile waterfront playground. Spend a day among its iconic sights.

    Sydney Opera House. Sydney's most famous landmark opened in 1973 and currently hosts more than 40 shows per week. For an extra-stunning view, take a stroll past the building at night, when brilliant lighting arrangements illuminate the striking white curves of its exterior.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge. Nicknamed "The Coathanger," this steel expanse spans 3,770 feet and is 439 feet tall at its peak. Daredevils can climb to the summit - safely tethered to a railing on a guided tour - while pedestrian- and cycle-only thoroughfares offer a tamer option for crossing.

    Boat tours. Of course, the best place to see the water is on the water. A wide range of boat tours voyage into the harbor's nooks and crannies, from yacht excursions to dinner cruises set against a beautiful sunset. Ask your concierge for a recommendation.

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Travel Tips

  • Forecasting Your Sydney Vacation

    Any time is a good time to visit Sydney. Throughout the year, temperatures remain pleasant and mild; rain is rarely extreme and snow is nonexistent. Remember that seasons in Australia are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning winter months span from June to August and summers last from December to February. Spring and fall are the least crowded seasons.


Map of Sydney, Australia

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