Though plenty of Inspirato homes boast beautiful interiors, several homes in the portfolio have a unique aspect that sets them apart from the others: the collections of art they house. Whether they’re decked out with the owner’s private collection or received an eclectic décor overhaul, these five homes in the Inspirato portfolio would be a fun stay for anyone who appreciates art.

Villa San Bartolomeo — Tuscany, Italy

Nestled in Italy’s gorgeous wine region, two of our homes in Tuscany are owned by the same artist. Both Villa San Bartolomeo and La Galleria offer stunning collections of private art on historic properties. San Bartolomeo is an estate situated on 11 private acres, boasting an infinity-edge pool with Tuscan countryside views. Inside, eclectic works deck out the halls and rooms. The “Figs” box in the hallway pictured above holds antique Chinese vases, conveying the idea that art from different cultures has been plundered over time.

Villa Loro — Mérida, Mexico

Villa Loro is one of the newest homes in the Inspirato Collection and a dream for an art lover seeking seclusion. The home is situated along a private, swimmable beach outside of Mérida, Mexico, and is owned by an interior designer who elevated the villa’s aesthetic. The home boasts a wall of mirrors in varying circular shapes, thatched roofing and art pieces throughout, and a mishmash of modern light fixtures.

La Galleria — Tuscany, Italy

Villa San Bartolomeo’s counterpart, La Galleria is also filled with a collection of contemporary pieces. A painting in a bathroom pays tribute to American pop artist Jeff Koons, and other modern pieces are scattered throughout the 18th-century farmhouse. Bathtubs are tucked into the corners of several of the home’s bedrooms. The grounds feature an outdoor pizza oven, a bocce ball court, and gorgeous gardens.

Lusso Moderno — Florence, Italy

This beautiful townhome, which blends history and modernity, is located in the heart of Florence. Lusso Moderno recently underwent a full renovation and interior design overhaul under renowned Italian architect James Cavagnari. He aimed to respect the home’s original architectural design, but overlay it with a contemporary feel, marrying the two concepts. The home is filled with elegant sculptures and modern touches, and features a rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

Casa Bravo — Valle de Bravo, Mexico

A traditional hacienda on the shores of Mexico’s Lago Avándaro, Casa Bravo boasts exquisite interior design throughout its 5,800 square feet. The home features a bright, bold color palette and standout pieces throughout, from a wall-spanning modern painting paired with a gold chandelier in the dining room, to a Warhol-esque, green-hued portrait of Marilyn Monroe in one of its six bedrooms. The home is docked on a lake and also offers complimentary water sports equipment.

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