At Inspirato, our on-site destination teams are a big part of what makes an Inspirato vacation so unique. From greeting guests at check-in and giving a tour of the home to recommending restaurants and scheduling activities, our team of field employees bring a wealth of local knowledge to their roles. They help craft the memories that Inspirato members and their families will talk about for years to come.

We spoke with three of our seasoned Destination Concierges and Destination Planners to discover their insider tips for travel planning and most memorable moments on the job.

Roland Gjini

Destination Planner in Tuscany, Italy

How did you become an expert in Tuscany trip planning?

I graduated in Economics and Management of Tourism Services and I worked about eight years in the hospitality sector, manning the front desk at several hotels in Florence. After years at the front desk, I started to expand my knowledge on all of Tuscany, and that is how I became a Destination Planner.

What are the benefits to visiting Tuscany during the off-season?

The benefits of visiting Tuscany in the off-season, from November to March, are lower prices for flights; fewer crowds in cities like Florence, Siena, and San Gimignano; a chance to taste seasonal autumn cuisine such as chestnuts, mushrooms, freshly pressed olive oil, and truffles; and the magical Christmas atmosphere with its lights and markets.

Tell us in five words or fewer why Inspirato travelers should visit Tuscany.

Memories, simple beauty, culture, gastronomy.

Taylor Wilson

Destination Concierge and Destination Planner in Lake Tahoe, California

What’s the best-kept secret in Lake Tahoe?

The amazing hikes down to coves along the lake where you can experience the crystal clear turquoise waters. When people visit Tahoe in the summer, they tend to stick to the beaches that are easily accessible—but if you want amazing views with smaller beaches, the hikes down to the lake on the east shore are worth it.

What’s your favorite part about working for Inspirato?

Meeting so many different people and being able to be a part of members’ vacations, knowing that I am assisting in making their travels easier.

Tell us about your favorite moment with an Inspirato traveler.

My favorite moment was when I was doing a checkout—and the whole family had a week packed full of fun summer activities—and the kids kept chanting, “Best vacation ever!” The parents were so thankful that I was able to make their trip so easy and effortless for them, and it was such a great feeling seeing a family so happy.

What’s your recipe for a successful vacation in Tahoe?

Relax, have fun, and get outdoors!

Gigi Brantley

Destination Concierge and Destination Planner in Rosemary Beach, Florida

How did you become an expert in Rosemary Beach trip planning?

My expertise in the Rosemary area has come out of my experiences living here for the last 15 years. I love to share that with our guests who visit in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

What is your favorite way to pamper guests? 

To pamper a guest means to create a relationship with them and their families. Asking questions, learning the interests of their party, and giving them local insider information are some of the best ways we pamper our guests.

Tell us about your favorite moment with an Inspirato traveler. 

There was a group that came to stay together at Sugarwhite Cottage years ago. Their dear friend had weeks left to live. They wanted to share this trip as a lasting memory. I set them up with a special dinner and sent them complimentary desserts, and I gave them a special Rosemary picture frame to capture the memories they shared here. A vision of this man’s smile is engraved forever in my mind. He was an inspiration. He let it be known that it was important to live every day to the fullest and I feel I made a difference on his last trip with his friends.

What is the one can’t-miss Rosemary Beach activity you’d recommend for Inspirato travelers? 

Stand-up paddleboarding to our artificial reef off Grayton Beach.

Tell us in five words or fewer why Inspirato travelers should visit Rosemary Beach. 

Clear, emerald waters. White sand.

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