Inspirato member Jorge G. knew there was something special about his girlfriend, Kelly, when they met last spring at the restaurant where she was working as a sommelier. Both involved in the wine world, they hit it off right away.

“We were talking wine, and at the time, she thought I was really into the wine—which I am—but what she didn’t realize immediately was that I also liked her,” Jorge said.

(Photo courtesy of Jorge G.)

The relationship quickly progressed after he got her phone number, and the two began officially dating in July 2018.

I had this feeling in the back of my head—even at that point in time—like, ‘She’s the one.'

Jorge GonzalesInspirato member

By the time the holidays came around, he knew he wanted to propose, and began mulling over his options. One of the foundations of their relationship, he said, is travel; the first trip they’d gone on together was an Inspirato trip to New York in October.

He realized that another trip to New York for the La Paulée burgundy wine festival he and Kelly had booked was coming up in March, and after discussing plans for the ring with a jeweler friend, Jorge knew that the stars were aligned for the perfect proposal.

He began working with a member of his Inspirato Care team, Jacquie, in January to plan the trip—and he had a special request.

“There’s a very specific bottle of champagne that my fiancée loves—it’s very rare,” Jorge said. “Very few places in the country get it, but New York City is one of those places. … It isn’t even in production anymore.”

Using her contacts, Jacquie managed to find a bottle of that special champagne—a 2010 Marie-Noelle Ledru Brut Champagne Grand Cru—and she and Jorge began to craft a game plan for an unforgettable proposal. By the time their March trip was approaching, he was ready, emerald-cut diamond ring in hand.

The day of the proposal, Jorge and Kelly were picked up by private car at The Dominick hotel, where they were staying in the penthouse suite. The two headed to Pier 6 at the southern end of Manhattan for a 25-minute helicopter ride, taking in sweeping views of the city from New Jersey and back again. Toward the end of the ride, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, Jorge asked Kelly to marry him in mid-air.

Kelly, of course, answered with an enthusiastic “yes!”

“She was freaking out,” Jorge said with a laugh. “And then we landed!”

Back in the car, Jorge and Kelly excitedly called their families and popped the champagne while on a leisurely drive around the city, then headed to a pre-planned lunch at Tribeca Grill with friends—all but one of whom had no idea that Jorge had just proposed, so they could all enjoy the surprise of the engagement and celebrate together.

The rest of that day, and the trip overall, was essentially “perfect,” Jorge said, crediting Inspirato—and especially Jacquie—with helping him pull the entire thing off.

“Jacquie and I were the two masterminds behind all of this,” he said. “I’ve been with Inspirato for a long time … and the service component got taken up another notch when I told Jacquie that this is what I wanted to do. Just the attention to detail, planning out every step of this perfectly—because it has to be perfect when you’re doing something like proposing to the person you love.”

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