Celebrating a special occasion with your closest loved ones is always a great reason to take a vacation, but when you’re stuck planning the whole thing yourself—not to mention actually pulling it all off—are you really on vacation? Inspirato travelers have peace of mind knowing that their accommodations will always be luxuriously five-star, but they also can rest assured that we will take care of the details for any special occasion they plan to celebrate with us.

To celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday, Inspirato member Rachel Kalafer had started planning a party near home. But as the guest list grew, the burden of figuring out logistics started to overshadow the fun. Rather than get lost in the details, Rachel decided to switch gears—and have Inspirato take care of the planning.

Inspirato’s Villa Bagua in Punta Cana.

“I thought, ‘let’s get together all the people who matter to us and go somewhere,’” Rachel says. That led her to reserve three Inspirato homes in Punta CanaVilla Ana, Villa Bagua, and Villa Caona—that are located side-by-side in a private enclave with landscaped grounds, oceanfront lawns, and a private pool at each. Together, the three homes form a secluded compound perfect for a large group—and with a full 30 family members spanning three generations, Rachel says that having ample space for everyone was essential.

“I wanted it to feel like a resort for the weekend,” she says. The Inspirato planning team delivered on that vision, arranging an itinerary full of entertainment, dining, and activities that could all happen on-site, meaning all Rachel and her guests had to do was arrive and have a fantastic time.

Inspirato member Rachel Kalafer and her family.

We could not have asked for better accommodations and better service. Everything was amazing!

Rachel KalaferInspirato member

The central house, Villa Bagua, became the party’s hub. All 30 guests came to the villa for buffet-style breakfasts, lunches, and dinners each day. Following their planning team’s recommendations, their menus featured Caribbean, Italian, Mexican, and other types of cuisine. Even better, they hired bartenders to make cocktails (and kid-friendly drinks) every afternoon. Rachel says that having someone to not just make food but keep tabs on the entire operation was a major convenience. “Ordering for 30 people isn’t something I do every day, so they made it really easy. I didn’t have to know we were out of wine because the team was so on top of it.”

Massage therapists came to Rachel’s Inspirato home each day.

Of course, no party is complete without entertainment and activities. Massage therapists were on-site each day, and Rachel’s team arranged live music from two different bands and a DJ—they even sent Rachel YouTube clips of the performers so she could hear them beforehand. With so many activities planned around the homes, the group mainly stayed on the villas’ grounds, but they took an off-site catamaran excursion, and used their six included golf carts for trips to the nearby beach club.

Rachel’s concierge found a local DJ to come to their home.

Being able to rely on Inspirato for everything from finding bartenders to cleaning up after the whole event let Rachel focus her attention on what truly mattered—spending time with the people she cares about most.  “It was really special having everyone together,” Rachel says. “It was a dream come true.” And she’s already reserved one of the villas for next spring break (though the group will be much smaller).

The Inspirato Collection includes beautiful large homes with tons of space and amenities for everyone. And no matter where travelers stay, they will receive five-star, personalized care from a dedicated team of professionals whose mission is to help them have the most memorable vacations they could imagine. Learn more about what makes traveling with Inspirato different.

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