After a long winter, what could be more inspiring than being among colorful displays of spring flowers blooming? If you’re looking for a spring or early summer getaway to celebrate the change in seasons, check out some of our top destinations to see Mother Nature showing off her best blooms while staying with Inspirato.

Newport, Rhode Island

Beat the summer crowds and visit Newport in April or May to see the city awash in daffodils. From April 1–26, see more than 1,200,000 daffodils during Daffodil Days or make a visit to one of several daffodil fields, each bursting with 25,000 or more flowers in bloom.

Provence, France

Though Provence is often associated with enchanting lavender fields, from May to June, you can see brilliant poppies in bloom, too. Then in June and July, vibrant yellow sunflowers and purple lavender will bloom, attracting visitors from around the world.

Lake Tahoe, California

Once the snow begins to melt in North Lake Tahoe, the area bursts into purple blooms of lupine flowers. These majestic flowers typically bloom in May and peak in early June.

Telluride, Colorado

Because of its elevation, Telluride’s wildflowers don’t bloom until summer, when you’ll see lupine and indian paintbrush in the San Juan Valley, and bluebells, pink trumpet vines, and white daisies around Hope Lake.

Tucson, Arizona

Perhaps surprising to some, the Sonoran Desert around Tucson is home to some vibrant plant life. In the spring, see the Arizona poppy (also known as the summer poppy)—from Tucson, take a day trip to Picacho Peak State Park, one of the best places to see these golden-orange-and-yellow flowers. In the summer, you can find prickly pear cactus blooming in Tucson Mountain Park.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

From March to July, see flowers—like buttercup, columbine, love vine iris, and more—blooming along the Blue Ridge Parkway in its namesake mountains of North Carolina—a scenic drive often ranked among the prettiest in the nation.

Texas Hill Country

and the surrounding Texas Hill Country are known for vibrant bluebonnets that bloom from March to May, but you can see many more blossoms on wildflower drives well into summer—like firewheel, pink evening primrose, and winecup.

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Though flowers are in bloom year-round on Maui, it’s only in the spring that you’ll see the lavender blooms on Jacaranda trees and the bright orange display of Royal Poinciana Trees.

Asheville, North Carolina

Cradled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers forest full of japonicas, lady slippers, mountain laurels, primroses, and hundreds of other native species. Visit the Biltmore mansion during the Biltmore Blooms event (April 1 through May 26) to see 100,000 tulips in the Walled Garden, as well as azaleas, dogwoods, and redbuds.

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