Embrace Fjaka on the Mediterranean Coast

If you’re hip to European trends, you’ll remember that the Danish term hygge (pronounced hoo-guh)—embodying coziness, happiness, and wellness—had its moment, especially as people scrambled for comfort amid the stay-at-home orders of 2020. And then there was friluftsliv (free-loofts-liv), embodying open-air living and the Nordic catch-all for appreciating the outdoors. But what about fjaka?

This next trendy term stems from Croatia’s picturesque Dalmatian Coast—it flanks the Adriatic Sea, teeming with beautiful beaches and nearby islands to explore. The concept of fjaka (pronounced fee-ya-kah) describes striving to do absolutely nothingit’s similar to the Italian phrase dolce far niente—the sweetness of doing nothing.

It is the sublime state in which you are actively being not active—a lethargy so palpable, you’re entranced in a stupor of the ocean breeze, warm sun, and a profound “lightness” that comes with being completely unaware of time itself. According to BBC, “fjaka is something that can’t be learned; in Dalmatia, it’s considered a gift from God. And one must experience it to awaken its meaning.”

Find your fjaka and browse some of our favorite accommodations around the Mediterranean, where you can bask in those glorious rays of sunshine and work on practicing fjaka for days (or weeks) on end.

Vedrina — Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

In the heart of Dalmatia—original home to the context of fjaka—experience the contemporary waterfront villa of Vedrina overlooking the Adriatic Sea, with an indoor pool surrounded by retractable glass walls and direct sea access by ladder for swimming.

Lorena — Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

This modern oceanfront villa is another perfect Dalmatian accommodation that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, with floor-to-ceiling windows and French balconies throughout. Enjoy swimming in the ocean with direct access from the home.

Villa Mare — Amalfi Coast, Italy

Discover this spacious cliffside villa on the stunning Amalfi Coast, offering a uniquely eclectic-meets-traditional Italian feel. Enjoy a private indoor pool grotto and unrivaled views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Villa Ladera — Mallorca, Spain

In sun-soaked Mallorca, Spain, spend time at the sprawling Villa Ladera. With your own private pool, outdoor dining terrace, and stunning views of surrounding towns and ocean in the distance, it’ll be easy to practice the art of nothingness.

Maslina Resort — Stali Grad, Croatia

Surrounded by lush pine trees and olive groves, this mindful luxury resort has customized wellness programs, locally sourced fare, and stunning surroundings with rich history. Prepare to be pampered with customized healing programs and a private beach area dedicated for sunbathing.