Less than two hours from Cabo San Lucas, La Paz is doable as a long day trip. But if you have the time, it’s better to spend a few days.

Most people come for the diving and snorkeling, and the full-day excursion to Isla Espíritu Santo is worth the two hours of motoring on open waters that it takes to get there. At the northernmost tip of land, on a subsidiary island called Isla Partida, it’s possible to swim among the colony of sea lions that inhabit a craggy basalt spit of land.

San Jose del Cabo
La Paz
La Paz

The animals will dart and slither all around you in the water and may even playfully try to nibble at your fingers if you goad them. It’s an unusual opportunity to interact with wild animals in their environment, and though some operators will encourage you to take dive gear, snorkeling with these creatures is just as breathtaking.

The other big attraction in La Paz is the Malécon, a boardwalk that stretches the length of the city’s waterfront. Most evenings around sunset, especially on weekends, families gather at the seafood restaurants along the sea to eat dorado, octopus and lobster tacos, then spend hours strolling, usually with at least one stop for ice cream. Bismark-cito probably has the best tacos, while La Fuente ice cream parlor has a constant line out the door for its exceptional homemade flavors.

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