One of the best parts about visiting a new city is delving deep into its culture and arts scene—and that’s where museums shine. Whether you’re passing through on business or seeking an educational afternoon, these under-the-radar museums make for a worthy visit. And Inspirato members and passholders are in luck; they’re all less than an hour’s drive from Inspirato accommodations or hotels on the Pass trip list.

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Forget a “don’t touch” policy—at Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, visitors are encouraged to interact with the art. Meow Wolf started out as a Santa Fe artist collective in 2008, finding a permanent home at a vacant bowling alley in 2015. Boasting more than 70 rooms, this mind-bending museum tells the story of a fictional family who disappeared after experimenting with interdimensional travel, and visitors are encouraged to delve deep into the mystery by exploring the museum. It’s especially great for kids, but be sure to keep an eye on them—it’s easy to get lost in this labyrinth of trippy installations.

Where to stay: Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi is heavy on the Southwestern charm and a 15-minute drive from Meow Wolf.

Studio Be — New Orleans, Louisiana

Housed in a 35,000-square-foot warehouse just a mile from the famed French Quarter, Studio Be is one of New Orleans’ premier art galleries, and for good reason: It celebrates black culture, civil rights, and the city’s determination to build itself back up after Hurricane Katrina. The museum’s sprawling murals and installations are the work of Brandan “B-mike” Odums, an artist and activist who gained popularity after his murals documenting life after Katrina sparked citywide attention—and visitors can see some of those on display today at Studio Be.

Where to stay: The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans is only 2 miles from the museum and boasts the largest spa in the city.

The Warhol Museum — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pop art comes to life inside this seven-story ode to Andy Warhol’s life in the artist’s hometown of Pittsburgh. Peruse seven floors of Warhol’s legacy inside this museum, one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world, featuring drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, prints, wallpapers, film, and more. Want to try pop art out for yourself? Explore the museum’s Factory for a hands-on experience: There, visitors can partake in watercolor painting, silkscreen printing and more—there are even t-shirts and tote bags available to print designs onto.

Where to stay: Stay at the Omni William Penn Hotel or the Fairmont Pittsburgh, both less than a 10-minute drive from the Warhol Museum, with Pass.

Salvador Dalí Museum — St. Petersburg, Florida

Delve into the world of the surreal on the shores of Tampa Bay with a visit to St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum. Born from a family collection, the museum has the largest amount of Dalí’s work outside Europe. Peruse more than 2,000 of the artist’s bizarre, dreamlike oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, photos, and sculptures. And those who know Dalí as only a surrealist will be surprised at some of his earlier works—we’ll let you see for yourself.

Where to stay: Though Inspirato has no accommodations in St. Petersburg itself, stay across the Sunshine Skyway bridge at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay with Pass.

The Cleveland Museum of Art — Cleveland, Ohio

Tucked away on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland’s art museum is an underrated collection of more than 61,000 permanent works. With artifacts dating all the way back to the Paleolithic Era, the Cleveland Museum of Art is our most well rounded on the list. Can’t-miss works include Pablo Picasso’s La Vie, a classic from the artist’s Blue Period, and the museum’s medieval room. Plus, admission is free.

Where to stay: The Intercontinental Suites is on the Pass trip list and less than a 10-minute drive to the museum.

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