Travelers stay in Inspirato’s luxury vacation accommodations to easily access their favorite activities. From film festivals to rum tasting, these activities run the gamut of interests, but fishing is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Let your Destination Concierge make reservations for a guided excursion, many of which include the necessary gear and permits. Then simply hop aboard, cast your line, and wait for your next prize-winning catch.

Fly Fishing

The Inspirato Collection includes many homes located among majestic mountains, where the sport of fly fishing reigns supreme. Some of our favorites include the four rivers in and around Telluride, Colorado, which offer renowned fly fishing year-round. And in Big Sky, Montana, travelers have quick access to the Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Madison rivers, which teem with rainbow and brown trout.

Deep Sea Fishing

Los Cabos, Mexico—home to more than 30 Inspirato accommodations—is known as the bill fishing capital of the world. Hosting numerous fishing tournaments throughout the year, Los Cabos attracts top anglers seeking major prizes, but you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the area’s bountiful waters. Inspirato’s on-site team can recommend their favorite local charters and make reservations for all travelers. Alternatively, try an excursion from Rosemary Beach, Florida, a popular launching point for fishing the iconic waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


The Bahamas are among of the world’s premier destinations for bonefishing, a kind of fly fishing specifically aimed at catching the rare bonefish. The islands’ shallow waters are punctuated by sandbars, creating an ideal setting for wading into the surf and casting a line in search of these coveted creatures. Inspirato’s accommodations in the Bahamas provide easy access to this unique ecosystem.

Other Fishing

Many idyllic rivers and marshes crisscross the Lowcountry of South Carolina— the setting for numerous Inspirato accommodations in Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, and Charleston. Inspirato travelers love these destinations for their abundance of fishing, shrimping, and crabbing options; reel in your catch and cook it for dinner later that same day.

For a more exotic experience, Inspirato members have raved about tropical fishing in Costa Rica, the British Virgin Islands, and Bali, Indonesia. However, the most unique fishing experience available in the Inspirato Collection may be at the breathtaking Six Senses Zighy Bay resort in Oman, where intrepid explorers can try handline fishing—a traditional local style that involves holding the fishing line, rather than a pole, in your hands, and looking to land a tuna, marlin, or grouper.

With luxurious vacation accommodations around the world, the Inspirato Collection makes it easy for travelers to take part in their favorite activities on land and sea. Explore all Inspirato accommodations and get inspired for your next vacation.

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  • Dean Lemman says:

    Kona is actually the best place for billfish in the world other than Australia and maybe Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Cabo is fished out and very few big fish are caught there. Do your homework!

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