Everyone has their own opinion on what makes the best pizza. Some prefer a deep-dish style, while some may say that’s not even real pizza.

But perhaps we can all agree that sampling different pizza styles from around the globe in search of the world’s best slice isn’t a bad way to load up on carbs to make it through a long, dark winter. Here are some of our top picks for cities with the best pizza—prioritize a slice on your next visit.

New York City

As far as pizza goes, it’s hard to beat a New York slice. New York-style pizza is characteristically a hand-tossed thin crust and is sold in wide slices to go. The crust is crisp along its edge, yet soft and thin beneath its toppings—pliable enough to fold it in half and devour. While NYC certainly has its own style of pizza that can be found in every neighborhood, you can also find authentic versions of every kind of pizza there. According to Condé Nast Traveler and many other pie officianados, a few of the city’s top pizzerias include Lucali, Joe’s Pizza, Motorino, Roberta’s, and Paulie Gee’s.

Portland, Oregon

You may be surprised to hear that Portland, Oregon, was recently named the best city for pizza in America by the extensively researched book Modernist Pizza, by Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya. The pair came to this conclusion after chowing down on nearly 400 pies from across the U.S. The authors say that, to them, the best city for pizza equaled one where there are multiple amazing pizzerias offering different styles of pizza. Some of their top PDX picks include Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, and Red Sauce.

Chicago, Illinois

deep dish pizza: Controversial? Yes. Delicious? Also, yes. According to Chicago.eater.com, Chicago-style pizza was invented in the 40’s and is characterized by a tall, flaky crust holding layers of mozzarella and chunky tomato sauce. This type of pizza is baked in a “deep dish,” similar to a pie pan; the buttery, rich dough is spread on the bottom of the oiled pan and worked up along the pan’s sides, then partially baked before toppings are added. The following pizzerias have been named some of the best to enjoy the delicacy, always to be eaten with a fork and knife: Uncle Jerry’s, George’s Deep Dish, and Williams Inn.

Sicily, Italy

Traditional Sicilian-style pizza is similar to focaccia bread—it’s typically thick crusted and sometimes rectangular, topped with onions, anchovies, tomatoes, herbs, and a strong cheese, such as caciocavallo and toma. This type of pizza is also known as sfincione, which in Italian alludes to spongy. The website secretsicily.org claims that Frida, Panificio Graziano, and Archestrato di Gela are great places to try Sicilian pizza on your next visit.

Naples, Italy

As early as the 16th century, prototype pizzas were being sold in Naples as street food. And in 1889, the beloved Margherita was invented. Today, Naples naturally remains the best place in the world to sample pizza Napoletana. Traditionally, this style of pizza is prepared with simple, fresh ingredients, including a basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil. Here are some of the best places to get your fix: Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba (widely believed to be the world’s first pizzeria), Pizzeria Oliva da Salvatore e Carla, and Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo.

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