As travel continues to evolve, so too do the accessories we use to make getting to, navigating, and experiencing a new place a little easier on us. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite new travel gadgets that aim to mitigate some of the stress of the journey.

JOBY GorillaPod GripTight Action Kit — $49.95

Asking a stranger to take your family photo—or even a photo of yourself that’s not an obvious selfie—is never ideal. What if the photo’s a once-in-a-lifetime shot and the picture comes out blurry, but you’re too uncomfortable to ask them to take another? Or you just hate how you look and want another shot?

You can avoid those situations entirely with the JOBY GorillaPod. With this innovative little tripod, you’ll have full control over each shot. And what makes the GorillaPod different from a regular tripod is its flexible legs. They not only let the tripod fold up to be tucked into a bag, but they can also wrap around any structure that’s convenient for the optimum shot angle: a tree branch, a rock, a railing, or even an arm if you’re on the go. Plus, the tripod comes with the company’s Bluetooth Impulse remote to snap pictures without physically touching your phone, which means no more rushing to make the self-timer.

Tile Pro — 2-pack, $60

Lost luggage can really put a damper on the start of an incredible trip. Though there are some GPS trackers on the market that claim to be able to find your bag anywhere around the globe, we couldn’t find any clear standouts with as much positive feedback as Tile. Simply slip the 1.6-inch Tile Pro onto the loop of your luggage tag to send it along with your checked suitcase. For on-the-spot peace of mind, you can ensure that your bag’s made your flight by checking in the app to see if it connects once you’ve boarded. If it does, that means your bag is in the cargo hold where it belongs.

And yes, there’s a caveat: Tile can’t show you the exact location of your bag unless you’re within the tile’s 300-foot range. But Tile’s strength lies in its community. If you’re too far outside the range, you can select “Notify When Found” in the Tile app. By doing so, any Tile user who comes within 300 feet of your Tile will trigger an alert for you with its last known location. And with 10 million Tiles sold so far, there’s a pretty good chance that your bag will ping someone soon enough.

Modobag — $1,495

Most of us have been humbled by the mad airport dash, a total abandonment of shame that comes with a full-on sprint to catch that connecting flight. But would you be more or less self-conscious zipping through the airport on a motorized suitcase? Yes—a suitcase that you quite literally ride through the terminal like a trusty stead.

Touting itself as “the carry-on that carries you,” Modobag is the world’s first motorized carry-on—and with a $1,495 price tag, we would hope it books our flights for us, too. So the story goes, inventor Kevin O’Donnell got a spark of inspiration while pulling his children on a suitcase through the airport. If kids can ride along on a suitcase, he thought, why shouldn’t adults be able to do the same? When fully charged, the bag reaches a top speed of about 7 mph and is able to travel 8 miles before needing a recharge. The company also says the bag is compliant with all travel safety regulations, so you needn’t be worried about the Modobag exploding in the overhead compartment.

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