We’d love nothing more than to unwind with a soothing spa day right now, and though some spas are beginning to reopen across the country, many services may still not be available. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a few ways to bring the spa to you—take some time for yourself with these simple tips for a relaxing day at home.


Nothing soothes the senses quite like a blend of calming scents. Dust off that diffuser in the back of your closet and choose a scent combination like bergamot, patchouli, and ylang ylang. Don’t have a diffuser? Candles work just as well: We recommend this calming lavender vanilla one from A.I. Root Candle Company.

Face masks

Get that glow like you just got back from a much-needed facial with an at-home mask—and the good news is you probably have most of these ingredients in your fridge or pantry already. This “breakfast” mask from Marie Claire is perfect for calming and soothing oily skin:

1. Combine an egg yolk, tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of olive oil, and half a cup of oatmeal.

2. Stir well, and apply it for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Rinse with warm water and moisturize.

A good robe

It won’t feel like a true spa day without the perfect robe—and now’s the time to treat yourself to a new one. We love lounging in this plush CozyChic one from Nordstrom. (And don’t just take our word for it; it’s one of the highest-rated on the site, with more than 800 reviews.)

Bath bombs

If you’ve never delved into the colorful world of bath bombs, now’s the perfect time to see what all the hype’s about. Vegan beauty brand Lush is known for pioneering the bombs, and offers a variety of fun options. And this 8-pack of bombs from Radha Beauty, featuring soothing blends like “Serenity” and “Breathe,” is a more cost-effective way to experiment with your favorite scents and colors.


Though you might not be practicing it on a typical spa day, learning mindfulness is an incredibly helpful tool to stay calm during uncertain times. Headspace, a meditation app that offers 10 free sessions and helpful videos featuring cute critters, is a great way for beginners to start a practice. Those who want to continue can subscribe to the app for a monthly fee, and gain full access to the rest of the lessons.

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