Chances are you have hundreds—if not thousands—of vacation photos in your smart phone, stuck in the cloud, or on an SD card in a drawer somewhere. Sure, you’ve posted a few on Instagram or Facebook, but how often do they actually make it out of the digital world and into your real-life surroundings?

There are tons of great ways to give your favorite travel photos new life—we’ve compiled just a few here that we think you’ll love. (P.S. A lot of these make great gifts, too.)

Photo Calendars

Making a custom calendar is a fun way to switch up which photos you’re displaying and enjoy your favorite snapshots year-round. We love Artifact Uprising’s sleek and modern templates for your wall or desktop.

You can also order beautiful photo books, order prints, and other unique photo display options through this local Denver company at

World’s Easiest Photos Books

There are seemingly endless options on the internet for making photo books, but if you’re looking for a fast and affordable option, is it. Chatbooks automatically arranges photos in chronological order, with one beautiful photo per page.

It’s so easy: You can add and edit captions, move photos around, pick your cover—then you’re done. Plus, it can sync with your Instagram or Facebook feed to import photos effortlessly.

Create a Gallery Wall (The Easy Way)

Putting together a gallery of framed photos can seem daunting, but there are a number of sites that make is easy. offers custom framing for digital photos and you can upload right from your phone or computer. Shop their pre-designed collection of gallery walls, choose your favorite, upload your photos, then receive them ready to hang at your doorstep. Your order will come with a life-size hanging guide so you can install the framed gallery perfectly on your own in minutes.

Another fun option is, which lets you upload your photos and choose the style and framing design to suit your decor. The cool part is that the frames are moveable and no nails are required—they stick to your wall and won’t cause any damage.

Personalized Puzzles

If you haven’t heard about Liberty Puzzles, based in Boulder, Colorado, you’re missing out. The company makes intricate wooden jigsaw puzzles that are hand-drawn by its designers. Each puzzle contains dozens of custom “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into bespoke shapes that are works of art unto their own.

Order a custom puzzle made up of one of your favorite vacation photos and you can even have it mounted and framed once you’ve completed it. Please note they are not currently taking custom puzzle orders but check back soon.

If you simply can’t wait, Target also offers a personalized 252-piece cardboard puzzle option.

Custom Phone Cases

Your phone goes with you everywhere and is constantly in your hand. Creating a custom phone case that displays some of your best vacation snapshots will remind you of that special trip all the time. Plus, it will protect your precious tech—it’s a win-win. Check out which lets you design personalized photo cases for an array of devices.

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