In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries have slowly begun to reopen their borders to visitors once again, and international travel has been springing back to life. And as we learn to navigate this “new normal,” we were inspired to highlight the world beyond the United States.

In this Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Inspirato Magazine, we aim to ignite your desire to explore the world once again. Even if you’re already just as excited as we are to return to international travel, we hope you find this Far and Away issue helpful and inspiring. Inside, you’ll find stories highlighting the value of traveling internationally with kids, the London food scene, spas that pay homage to their surroundings, and so much more.

Below are a few of our favorite clips from some of the stories in this issue. Read on to fuel your international wanderlust.

A Treetop Oasis in the Costa Rican Rainforest

“Imagine waking up inside of a verdant rainforest. Dense green leaves surround you. Morning songs of tropical birds float through the treetops. The delicate scent of exotic flowers gingerly rouses your senses. The rich rainforest air plumps your skin to perfection. You’ve made it to nirvana. If this sounds nice in theory, but you’re not one for sleeping outside—imagine experiencing this Garden of Eden scenario while also being held in the arms of luxury, with every creature comfort at your disposal.”

The Most Glamorous Islands in the Caribbean

“With 28 island nations and thousands more islets, cays, and reefs, the most difficult part about vacationing in the Caribbean is choosing where to go, especially as a discerning traveler. We chose five islands scattered across the Atlantic that are big on scenery and sophistication—the kind of well-heeled paradises where you may find yourself sitting next to a billionaire at the pool and a movie star at dinner.”

Cruising the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

“When visiting, you’ll notice an abundance of similarities among the towns and islands comprising Dalmatia: red-tiled roofs and sky-scraping church towers against a backdrop of mountainous terrain; dishes like risotto, squid, octopus, and oysters a staple on most menus; historic and well-preserved “old towns” around which the cities are built; and a bevy of gelato stands luring tourists surrounding every port. Until recently, the region has done a good job of keeping its allure under wraps. But over the past few years, its shores have begun to beckon more and more cruise ships, its cerulean waters offering a siren song of Mediterranean appeal without the crowds of similar coastlines like Greece.”

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