Although travel may look a little different these days, the reasons why we do it remain: to connect with other cultures, to see incredible places, and to create unforgettable memories.

That sentiment was the driving force behind the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Inspirato Magazine. Inside, we’ve explored the psychology behind why we travel and how it affects the rest of our lives, from work performance to overall well-being. We hope you find inspiration for your own travels—and maybe learn a thing or two—within its pages.

We’ve chosen a few snippets from some of our favorite stories below—read on to discover how travel can make a difference in your life.

Southern Exposure Creates Global Awareness

“Stepping foot onto this expansive icy mass feels a bit like stepping onto another planet. It’s an emotional experience to be somewhere so remote, so menacing, so untouched by man—it is sure to fill you with unexplainable awe. There’s this feeling that, at any moment, it might swallow you into its icy abyss.”

How Travel Fosters Well-Being in You and the World

“Defined as the ability to be fully present in any given moment, mindfulness is credited with numerous health benefits, from reducing stress and sadness to improving sleeping patterns and increasing levels of joy. For a traveler, mindful moments are often sought in a natural landscape, where lush, wooded environments offer ample distraction-free moments to sink into the emotions that scenery can stir up within us.”

The Solo Female Traveler

“Women are feeling more comfortable than ever to explore the world on their own—without friends, without partners, and without the influence of and adherence to others’ expectations. Thanks to the freedom they’ve gained over the past few decades from better careers, higher salaries, and choosing to have children later (or perhaps not at all), women have more means and time to travel than ever before.”

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