It could be argued that the taco is the perfect food. Tacos are equally inviting whether prepared using centuries-old recipes or modern gastronomic fusions. They are fun to eat—handheld and no nonsense. You can find them in home kitchens, street stalls, and world-class restaurants around the world. Tacos, it seems, have become as ubiquitous as pizza throughout the global culinary scene.

From Korean taco creations at trendy food trucks in L.A. to authentic fresh fish tacos in Los Cabos, here are eight taquerias you can travel to with Inspirato Pass to experience some of the best tacos ever created.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Search no further than Los Cabos for the perfect fish taco. You’ll find delicious varieties of baja fish and shrimp tacos at nearly every local restaurant, but these top contenders consistently rank as Inspirato members’ favorites. You can decide for yourself which tacos are the best—there’s more than 4,000 trips to Cabo available right now through Inspirato Pass.

Tacos Gardenias

Established more than 30 years ago, this modest but well-known taco joint serves up fresh ceviche, exotic cactus tacos, and classic regional specialties like shrimp and fish tacos. Just down the hill from the beach and open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Tacos Gardenias caters to both the beach crowd and those hitting the town.

Taco Guss

Located in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, this hole-in-the-wall eatery is the perfect spot for an authentic dining experience while exploring the nearby marina. And if you happen to be hitting up the local nightlife scene, stop by Taco Guss after you dance up an appetite; it’s open 24 hours a day.

Los Angeles, California

There is no doubt that L.A. has one of the most vibrant taco scenes in the world. From star street-style vendors to legendary taco trucks to Instagram-worthy hidden gems, it was hard to narrow down our top recommendations. With around 1,000 trips to Los Angeles County available through Inspirato Pass right now, you can start sampling tacos as soon as next week.

Kogi Taqueira

Starting as a family-run food truck in 2008, Kogi Taqueria took L.A. by storm with its Korean short rib taco. Kogi now has four food trucks, a catering business, and a brick-and-mortar taqueria on the Westside of L.A. The star of its menu will always be that Korean short rib taco, but other cult favorites include the kimchi quesadilla and calamari taco.


Named one of the best restaurants in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, Guisados focuses on just one thing: authentic, homemade tacos like the ones owner Armando De La Torres Sr.’s mom made for him growing up. Their specialty lies in stews and braises served on freshly handmade tortillas. There’s love and nostalgia in every bite.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Travel on one of nearly 75 available Inspirato Pass trips to San Miguel de Allende where you’ll find culture, historic architecture, and pure charm. This 500-year-old city, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time where you can find humble and authentic food at every turn.

Andy’s Taco Cart

Sure, there are plenty of world-class chefs and five-star restaurants in San Miguel, but for a casual bite and a taste of something local, visit Andy’s Taco Cart. This quintessential Mexican street taco stand is open all night and is known for its tacos al pastor and gringas de bistec, which can be described as really big tacos made with flour tortillas instead of corn, steak, and lots of melty queso Oaxaca.

Don Felix Tacos

The owner and namesake of this establishment, Don Felix, previously ran a very successful taco stand in San Miguel and locals and expats alike have followed him to his charming and kitschy brick-and-mortar location. This is authentic Mexican fare and family dining at its best. Those in search of a good taco must order the taco platter that offers seven different styles—from huitlacoche (a mushroom that grows on corn) to chistorra (a type of Spanish sausage).

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