Since its launch in July 2019, Inspirato Pass has taken the travel world by storm. With more than 2,100 passholders and 150,000 trips available, the world’s first luxury travel subscription has more than doubled the number of trips that passholders can take—and added some fun new offerings along the way.

Read on to discover what’s new with Inspirato Pass, to gain some insider tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Pass, and to get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

New experiences on Pass

Not only does Inspirato Pass come with access to hundreds of thousands of trips to homes and hotels around the world—it now includes cruises and experiences, too.

Itching to explore the Mediterranean? There are still suites available on the Athens to Athens 2020 cruise in July. Seeking a culinary adventure? The Barcelona to Lisbon 2020 cruise in June is available to book, too.

How about a soothing respite from hectic, day-to-day life? Pass now includes special spa packages at luxury hotels across the country, like the Crescent Court in Dallas and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Whether it’s a couple’s getaway or a solo escape, these special packages feature a variety of rejuvenating inclusions—and passholders can be there as soon as next week.

Nature lovers are also in luck—with Pass, they can find themselves exploring Kenya and Tanzania on safari, staying in luxe accommodations while having the chance to catch close glimpses of breathtaking wildlife.

Getting the most out of Pass

If you’re already a passholder, are you exploring the full benefits of Pass? To help you take full advantage of everything Pass has to offer, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Your dedicated Care team is here to help—use them as a knowledgeable resource to hone in on the perfect trip, and to guide you to your planning and on-site concierge teams.

Have you dreamt up a once-in-a-lifetime vacation but don’t see it on the Pass list? Passholders can work with Inspirato’s Bespoke custom travel designers, who can craft a personalized itinerary for the trip of your dreams, anywhere in the world.

Passholders should also take advantage of some exclusive partner benefits, like the invite-only Avis President’s Club; a free, six-month trial of CLEAR to breeze through airport security; and Ski Butlers and Ship Sticks—two hassle-free services that get your ski and golf gear right to your door in a new destination.

What’s next?

As Pass continues to grow, we’re so excited for what’s to come. Passholders can look forward to a variety of changes in the coming months, including a referral program with the opportunity to earn free months of Pass; simpler functionality and features on the website; and a wider breadth of hotel options.

Keep an eye out for some exciting things on the horizon—and don’t forget to keep checking the trip list to see what’s new, every day.

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