There are plenty of amazing benefits to being an Inspirato member—including exclusive access to homes, events, and partnerships—but perhaps one of the most special is the opportunity to embark on an Inspirato Only cruise.

Though she’d been on a few other cruises before, Inspirato member Lacey J.’s perspective changed completely when she began cruising with the club.

“The first one we did (with Inspirato) was Istanbul to Athens. I was kind of newer to cruising,” she said, “and I was really skeptical about it … but then was like ‘Ok, we’re just gonna go.’ Then we did it, and I loved it!”

She and her husband have since gone on two more cruises with Inspirato and have already booked a fourth for 2020.

We love Inspirato and we’ve traveled a lot with them, and the cruises are definitely the favorite thing that we’ve done.

Lacey J.Inspirato member

They enjoyed them so much that they invited a few friends to come along on their last excursion, one of whom had never cruised before.

“I told her, ‘I’m just letting you know that this is going to ruin any possibility of you going on … Carnival cruise line or whatever. Don’t get the idea that this is just normal, because it’s definitely a much nicer way to go.”

Lacey mentioned that one of the things she loves about Inspirato cruises is the ease with which her pre- and post-trip accommodations are handled. She said that she and her husband were specifically concerned about nailing down Venice accommodations for their Italy cruise in 2016. But those worries were quickly cast aside during the planning process with her Care team.

(Photo courtesy of Lacey J.)

“We’ve really relied on them as far as … setting up the before-and-after hotels,” she said, mentioning that Inspirato has made the process “really seamless.”

On the cruise from Monte Carlo to Barcelona, for example, they were able to explore the salt mines of Mallorca in Spain.

(Photo courtesy of Lacey J.)

“We had selected a tour to do (in Mallorca) to the salt mines, which is where they essentially let the ocean water into these trenches, and then the sun evaporates the water and the salt is left over,” she said. “It was a really great tour, and we loved it. … Then when we got back to our room that night, we saw they had put in a little bottle of the flor de sal”—the salt from the Mallorca mines.

But at the end of the day, after exploring a new destination and taking in the local culture, one of the best parts about cruising with Inspirato, she said, is returning to the comfort of the ship and the other members.

(Photo courtesy of Lacey J.)

“Over the years we’ve been doing this, you start recognizing people,” she said. “And when you’re in a new, different place, it’s really nice to see some familiar faces.”

Ready to set sail? Whether you’d like to tour Tokyo or take in the serenity of the Greek Isles, our newest round of cruises has a little something for every adventurous spirit.

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