Inspirato Pass Beyond Travel

Terms and Conditions


Beyond Travel is an “Additional Opportunity” as defined in your Inspirato Documents. The following Additional Opportunity Rules, Terms, and Conditions apply to the Beyond Travel Additional Opportunity, which you wish to order. Unless otherwise modified below, your participation in the Beyond Travel Additional Opportunity is subject to your Inspirato Documents. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings proscribed to them in your Inspirato Documents.



Beyond Travel allows qualifying Inspirato Pass Members the opportunity to use a specific number of Pass Days to order Beyond Travel merchandise and experiences in lieu of Inspirato Pass Trips.



Only qualifying Inspirato Pass Members are eligible for Beyond Travel orders. To be eligible for Beyond Travel, Pass Members must be in Good Standing at the time of next eligible booking. Beyond Travel options may not be ordered by Inspirato Club Members.



  • Pass Members may not order or book additional Beyond Travel options until your Inspirato Pass becomes Available, on or after the Next Reservation Date.
  • You must request to book Beyond Travel options.
  • Operator will confirm all Beyond Travel orders within 24 hours. If your Beyond Travel request is unavailable, Inspirato may, upon notice, cancel the order or provide a comparable substitution.
  • Beyond Travel is deemed fulfilled upon the “experience as soon as” or “ship as soon as date”.
  • All Beyond Travel must be redeemed within six (6) months of the “experience as soon” or “ship as soon as date”.
  • Once Beyond Travel is fulfilled, you are not entitled to an exchange, unless the Beyond Travel product is damaged.
  • If you have any issues with your order, please contact your Care Team.
  • Beyond Travel do not carry a cash value.
  • Operator will not grant or accept Beyond Travel substitution requests.
  • You will not be charged additional shipping costs for Beyond Travel products unless otherwise specified.
  • Inspirato Pass Members shall not resell Beyond Travel products or experiences.
  • Value of Beyond Travel options may vary.
  • Beyond Travel cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.
  • Bonus Trips cannot be applied to Beyond Travel.
  • Terms and conditions for certain Beyond Travel options vary, see specific Beyond Travel descriptions for details.


Inspirato® is a luxury hospitality company that includes a private travel subscription that requires a non-refundable Initiation Fee or Enrollment Fee and either an Annual Membership Fee, Monthly Membership Fee or Annual Subscriber Fee, as applicable. Travel is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions and other eligibility requirements. Availability, benefits, and nightly rates and taxes may vary by accommodation, date and membership, subscription, or travel option selected. See website ( for complete details. The operator of Inspirato® is Best of 52, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, a subsidiary of Inspirato LLC. Operator’s address, email address and telephone number are 1544 Wazee Street, Denver, Colorado 80202,, (303) 586-7771. Best of 52, LLC is registered with the Delaware Seller of Travel License No. 2022700082; State of Florida as a Seller of Travel - Registration No. ST38403; Washington Seller of Travel Registration No. UBI 603086598; Virginia Seller of Travel; California Seller of Travel Registration No. CST 2107465-50 (registration as a seller of travel in California does not constitute approval by the State of California and Operator is not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund). Pursuant to Haw. Rev. Stat. § 468L-1 et. seq., operator maintains a Hawaii travel agency trust account named "Best of 52, LLC Client Trust Account" at First Hawaiian Bank, 215 Papalaua Street, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761. Operator and its authorized agents, representatives, vendors, successors or assigns may perform Operator’s obligations and exercise its rights hereunder. ©Copyright 2023 Best of 52, LLC. All rights reserved.