It’s an exciting time to be an Inspirato member—we’re always adding to our extensive portfolio, and we recently added seven new homes and five new hotels. And three of them are unlike anything we’ve ever had in the Inspirato Collection before. Read on to find out what makes these three additions special.

La Dafne — Florence, Italy

Nestled within the elegant Palazzo Bardi in the heart of Florence is La Dafne, a three-bedroom, three-bathroom residence steeped in the rich history of Italy. The Palazzo was built in 1420 and is actually considered the model for the first Renaissance architecture in Florence, for which the city is renowned.

And history buffs will appreciate that the palazzo is credited as the birthplace of lyrical opera, while the residence itself played host to meetings of some of Florence’s brightest minds—in the 16th century, the Camerata Fiorentina gathered there to discuss science and musical theory. (Among them was Vincenzo Galilei, the father of famed astronomer Galileo.) Today, La Dafne blends that incredible history with all the modern touches of comfort. While its interiors are adorned with intricate 18th-century frescoes, its modern kitchen is the perfect space for a private chef dinner, and its spacious bedrooms offer a plush retreat after museum-hopping.

Hepburn — New York, New York

This classic New York brownstone set the backdrop for an iconic film from 1961 (we’ll let you take a guess from its name). And Hepburn is New York City luxury living at its finest, situated just six blocks from Central Park.

Built in 1910, this four-bedroom, five-bathroom townhome offer a wine cellar, library, greenhouse, and more. Plus, furnished outdoor areas—a rarity in the city—provide the perfect place for a nightcap after a day exploring.

Nayara Tented Camp — Arenal, Costa Rica

This incredible resort takes the idea of glamping to a whole new level. Nestled among the rainforest treetops in the outdoorsy mecca of Arenal, Costa Rica, Nayara Tented Camp is a luxury retreat perfect for Inspirato members who are conscientious of sustainability and love being surrounded by nature. The resort’s 29 “tents”—luxury rooms built on stilts to take in the stunning views—all have their own private plunge pools.

An open-air yoga studio offers complimentary classes—we think the breeze among the treetops is the perfect place complement to asana—and a plethora of outdoors adventures, like zip-lining and hiking excursions, can be booked through the resort. Our favorite part, though, may just be the on-site sloth sanctuary, home to more than 15 of the sweet, sleepy creatures.

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