Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and remember the women who have shaped our lives—whether they’re moms, step-moms, grandmothers, aunts, or dear friends.

One of our favorite stories of motherly inspiration comes from our co-founders, Brent and Brad Handler, about how their mom came up with the name “Inspirato.” Read on to hear its origin story.

“When people ask me what the hardest thing was about starting Inspirato, I always say it was coming up with the name,” Brent said.

“We started the company on Jan. 1, 2010, and began trying to come up with a name right away. We never had a decent working name that made sense, and after sharing our thoughts with a lot of people, we knew we needed professional help,” Brad said. “By the time we got to October, we had dozens of names from the so-called marketing experts, but all of them were terrible.”

“We started to think about names of people, like Spanish explorers or Italian artists,” Brent said.

Stumped, the brothers thought it might be a good idea to reach out to the woman who knows best.

“So we called our mom—who’s a writer and good with words—and asked if she could help us come up with a name.”

She called them back about an hour later with an idea: “What about ‘inspirato?’ It means inspired in Italian.” They thought it felt spot on for a company whose goal is to inspire lasting memories among members and their friends and family. Thus, Inspirato was born.

And naming the company has certainly paid off for their mom; having two sons lead a travel company has been advantageous for her own travels. Over the past 10 years, she’s traveled around the world with Inspirato.

With that story in mind, some other Inspirato team members shared some of their favorite travel memories with their moms. From all of us at Inspirato, Happy Mother’s Day!

“My mom is undeniably one of my favorite travel buddies. We have been blessed to experience the world together and it’s rare when we don’t have our eyes on the next trip as soon as we complete an existing vacation. She would tell you the destinations we choose don’t matter nearly as much as the opportunity to spend time with each other. She’s always up for any adventure and loves to close out the day playing games. There are few things in life she loves more than her family, vacations (especially Inspirato vacations), and Chardonnay—ha!  I’m very lucky to have her as my mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

— Heather Philand, Vice President, Membership Development

“Traveling the world with my mom is always memorable! She is adventurous, carefree, and knows just how to have a great time. Our first Inspirato vacation was to Punta de Mita and I can’t wait to see other new destinations with her! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

— Malorie Hughes, Team Manager, Member Care

“I love traveling with my mum, especially now with my daughter. Last October we went to Kapalua Bay on Maui. It was a bucket list trip for my family, as my parents joined us all the way from the UK! The highlight of the trip was seeing multiple sea turtles swimming in the bay, and is one of my all-time favorite memories from vacationing with my family, Inspirato or otherwise! The look on my mum’s face when she saw the turtles was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever shared with her and I still think back to it months later.”

— Adam Goffin, Salesforce Product Manager

“Looking back, I realize that my love for travel started very young. My mom and I didn’t have fancy clothes, a fancy house or a fancy car, but she always made sure that I had rewarding and meaningful experiences.  She saved money so that she could take me places all around the world and to show me different cultures, food, and encourage me to speak new languages. Thank you, Mom!”

— Lacey Merkel, Junior Salesforce Administrator

“My mom and I went to Vintner’s Cottage last spring. We absolutely love wine country and trying new wines! The trip was so great and relaxing, filled with delicious food and wine pairings. Out of all the wineries we went to, Blue Rock was still our favorite. It was awesome to see my mom enjoy herself to the fullest on this trip.”

— Katie Schule, Personal Vacation Advisor

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