What is Inspirato Pass? 

Inspirato Pass is the world’s first luxury travel subscription offering endless travel for $2,500 a month. Passholders are exploring the multitude of vacation options available on the Pass Trip list, as well as many other wonderful travel perks offered, and figuring out how Inspirato Pass works best for them.  

Inspirato Pass reviews and stories from real Inspirato Pass members 

In a recent 2022 Inspirato Pass review from Phil and Erin Lockwood, Inspirato Pass members and creators of the Always be Changing travel blog, they share how their family of five has been traveling the globe over the past two years by taking dozens of trips through their Inspirato Pass membership.  

“During our first 6 months in the program, Inspirato provided so much value to our lifestyle that we added a second Pass subscription to our membership (additional Pass subscriptions are discounted) so that we could travel even more frequently,” they write. 

Another Inspirato Passholder, Brian, created his own personal blog—Luxury Pass Review—that he dedicates, specifically, to writing about his positive experience with his Inspirato Pass membership. In his blog, he highlights the incredible value it adds for him and his family of four.  

His excitement for Inspirato Pass and getting the most out of his membership is evident, as he writes, “Inspirato Pass is so much better than ever with its latest product update. With the increased flexibility that has been introduced, Pass is now more attractive to absolutely any prospective member who enjoys traveling well and is comfortable with the monthly subscription fee.” 

He then touches on a fundamental point of the added perks of being an Inspirato Passholder by writing, “For whatever reason, if you find yourself unable to travel for some period of time, or just get excited about one of the offerings, Beyond Travel can be a fantastic way to utilize your Pass Days.” 

You can access the full blog post here. 

And according to this in-depth Inspirato Pass review from The Points Guy, a travel website and blog that helps consumers figure out how to make the most of travel rewards programs and experiences, several Passholders are pleased with their Pass experiences thus far. 

Passholder Mike Shaw was already an Inspirato member when he decided to add a Pass onto his membership. He’s already taken three trips, to Jackson Hole, the British Virgin Islands, and Park City. He appreciates the ease with which trips can be booked through the list, taking out the mental energy of coordinating an open-ended trip. 

“With the flat fee you don’t have to evaluate whether this place is too much or, if you have more people, will that be too much for them?” Shaw said. “You can just look at what you want to do, where are those days available and what’s the most I can get?” What really sold him in the end: “What you pay versus what you would be having to pay.” 

Interested in giving the all-new Inspirato Pass a try for yourself? Contact your Care team, call (888) 625-7525, or view the Pass Trip list to start planning your next getaway today. 

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