Nigel Curtiss, menswear icon and Inspirato member, dresses up the season.

“I don’t just design clothes, I design a personal identity,” says British-born designer Nigel Curtiss. “It’s a lifestyle beyond work style.” For more than 20 years, he’s brought his signature take on fine tailoring and luxurious fabrics to the world’s A-listers, dressing Mick Jagger, David Beckham, Jack Nicholson and even Ozzie Osbourne. All of them appreciate Curtiss’ ability to beautifully mesh timeless style with a unique look. Here, Curtiss gives us an inside look into the creative thinking behind his upcoming winter and holiday collections and the trends you can expect to see at this season’s most fashionable parties.


Cold Weather Style

Every fall we stylists and designers say “it’s all about layering” and this year is no exception. For your average man this causes all sorts of questions about what goes with what, and what doesn’t. This wool and cashmere sports coat with zip-in quilted vest gives you the layers, it gives you the flexibility, but someone else (me) has worked out the layers for you—I expect that many men will find this their go-to staple of the year. Shown here is our blue and green, brushed wool jacket with blue zip-in vest ($2,850). The vest comes in six different colors and we work with you to make the best match for your lifestyle.

Trend Spotter

The dress shirt with white collar and cuffs is back as a trend and already very popular throughout Europe, and we’re seeing it hit New York, as well. Shown here is our blue-on-pale-blue houndstooth check in 120/2 superfine cotton with white collar and cuffs and mother of pearl buttons ($495).

All pieces are made to order. To schedule a viewing and custom fitting go to

Dressed for the Holidays Curtiss

Nigel1_proofThis season, it’s all about a fresh approach to dressing up for a good time. There are two new staples to take on board and both are absolutely on trend and both will add elegance and comfort to your evening—and put you ahead of the pack, stylewise.

Velvet is back and color is very important. But instead of traditional black, try silk and viscose velvet in rich and luxurious colors such as cobalt blue, burgundy or bottle green. Shown here is the peak lapel cobalt blue velvet jacket with slanted pockets ($2,400).

The tuxedo has come up for a breath of fresh air; the only place a black tuxedo belongs is on an older gentleman. Everyone else has moved on to a tuxedo with color; think midnight blue with black silk lapels and details, something that Cary Grant or James Bond would carry off with ease. For those with more adventurous tastes—who are younger at heart—the possibilities are enormous. Exhibit A: The black wool tartan tuxedo with black silk detailing shown here ($4,950).

Gift Tips

Stand out from the obvious with a made-to-order dopp kit or credit-card holder crafted from alligator skin and available in amazing colors from orange to emerald green to cobalt blue and almost any color in between. Each piece can be customized to fit your needs. Shown here is the burgundy dopp kit with gold- plated zips ($4,950) and the credit card holder in orange and green alligator ($295).

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