Corfu, Greece – Paradise Unknown

Have you heard of Corfu?

Hailed as the loveliest of all Greek islands, Corfu is a favorite location for island hoppers. Once the scene for medieval battles, families and couple alike embrace the small village for its impeccable beaches and serene views.

While sleek hotels and trendy restaurants radiate European sophistication, the town of Corfu remains unspoiled. Land development is isolated on certain coastal stretches and once inland you’ll be convinced that you’re on another island, living in a different time. Ancient olive groves, dazzling vistas, and delicately painted hill towns preserve the charm of Corfu’s unparalleled landscape.

Inspirato Members have the unique benefit of discovering this unknown island from the vantage point of a beautiful property and impeccable Inspirato service.

“Local wineries are quaint and refined, waters are turquoise blue, and guided tours of the island uncover Corfu’s undeniable allure.

Our Inspirato Residence is a hidden gem atop a steep hill overlooking the sea with an absolutely beautiful view. The property is brilliantly designed with a superb outdoor living area that accommodates privacy, as well as entertainment. The decor is impeccable and the interior is ideal for hosting family and friends.

The on-site concierge made the stay one of our best vacations ever. She was attentive when needed, but also left us to our own devices. Excellent recommendations were made not just for what to see and do, but also for the best people to do them with. Our concierge quickly learned what we liked and added unique touches and surprises that made our vacation that much more special.

The key is to find the perfect balance during your stay – explore Corfu, enjoy the residence, and take in the views!!” – Michael F.

If you’re ready to start packing your bags, here are a few must see highlights:

1. Old Perithia Tour. Formerly a wealthy city, today the ruins of Perithia still hold the title of Corfu’s oldest village. While technically deserted, many travelers find the village to be suspended in time with a distinctly historic atmosphere. The charm of Old Greece – and the views – will not disappoint!
2. Visit the island’s capital. Spend some time in Corfu Town, the hub of the island and a World Heritage Site. Enjoy a private guided tour of local museums, art galleries and fortresses. Visit the Old Fortress of Corfu and stroll the streets lined with old Venetian-style homes. Corfu Town has great shopping, architecture and undeniable charm – not to mention some of the best restaurants the island has to offer.
3. Paxos and Antipaxos. If you’re looking for more time on the water, a trip to the beautiful neighboring islands of Paxos and Antipaxos is a must. The picturesque island of Paxos lies roughly 10 miles south of Corfu and is only accessible by boat. Enjoy unspoiled bays and traditional fishing harbors along the coast before jumping ship at Antipaxos – the uninhabited island known for its azure, crystal clear waters. Your customized Grecian escape is waiting to claim your heart.

The key is to find the perfect balance during your stay – explore Corfu, enjoy the residence, and take in the views!
Michael F.