Where You Should Travel in 2023 Based on Your Astrological Sign (Part II)

Were you born in the second half of the year? Good news—we’re back with our recommendations for where you should travel in 2023 based on your astrological sign. Are we astrological experts or tarot readers? Not quite; but we’ve compiled our best travel suggestions for each sign based on their personality traits. Read on to unveil your perfect destination.

Don’t see yourself here? Our last post has the sign you’re seeking.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Emotional Cancerians love the comforts of domesticity and are often happiest curled up at home. But plenty stray far across the world, and no matter where they roam, Cancerians are happiest with this simple formula: the soothing sound of waves lapping the shore, a refreshing drink, and good company. A romantic retreat to the Big Island’s Kohala Coast of Hawaii perfectly aligns with this dreamy sign’s idea of a good time: still within the comforts of the U.S. but far enough away to feel exotic, surrounded by the ocean.

Travel tip: Cancerians can have a little trouble breaking out of their comfort zone; ziplining or cliff jumping would allow them to conquer some fears and come home with incredible memories.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

This trendsetting sign wants to be the first to experience a destination (and probably post about it on social media). Independent and bold, they love the freedom of exploring a new place, and off-the-beaten-path San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, offers Leos their perfect getaway amid its colorful streets. They’ll love immersing themselves in Central Mexico’s rich culture and should check out some of the city’s festivals, like the Day of El Señor de la Conquista celebration, where dancers in costume and headdresses fill the city’s streets on March 1.

Travel tip: Leos will appreciate a grand stay at Casa Fuentes, a five-bedroom estate with unique décor and Spanish colonial flare.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Looking for a laid-back retreat left to whimsy? You certainly won’t find it with a Virgo. Highly organized and productive, Virgos love to take charge and plan every last detail of their vacations, from must-try restaurants to museum tours and everything in between. Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast provides the perfect playground for Virgos to stretch their curious legs: Explore the town of Dubrovnik (familiar to Game of Thrones fans) or take in the waterfalls in Krka National Park.

Travel tip: Virgos should try to embrace spontaneity a little more—try a sightseeing excursion that’s not on the itinerary, or an unplanned meal at a hole-in-the-wall eatery.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

All about balance—their astrological symbol is the scale, after all—Libras love a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration while vacationing. They love meeting new people, too. These social butterflies would thrive in London, grabbing a laidback pint with the locals at the neighborhood pub and exploring the city’s rich history, from Buckingham Palace to its world-class museums.

Travel tip: Libras can indulge their need for relaxation at the COMO Metropolitan’s spa—this sleek, serene space offers an array of treatments and massages like Chinese reflexology and revitalizing facials.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Wise Scorpios are always seeking a way to connect with their truest selves. Deep and highly perceptive, these old souls of the zodiac wound find an enlightening escape among the temples and sanctuaries of Bali, Indonesia. They’d benefit most from a yoga class at one of the island’s eco-friendly Alila hotels, or an afternoon wandering the myriad temples that dot the island.

Travel tip: Because they’re often so intense, it’s a necessity for Scorpios to budget time to unplug. A leisurely day spent tech-less at Nyang Nyang, a pristine, secluded beach known for its prime surfing, would be a great respite.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

The true travelers of the zodiac, Sagittarians love exploring the world. Independent and curious, adventure is in their blood. This open-minded sign would be a great fit for Istanbul, Turkey, drinking in the area’s rich culture and unparalleled history as the bridge between Europe and Asia. Activities abound, from exploring the historic-but-hip Karakoy neighborhood to a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus, topping it off with a night sampling incredible Turkish cuisine.

Travel tip: Though typically extroverts, Sagittarians benefit from escaping the crowds once in a while. Büyükada, the largest of Turkey’s Princes’ Islands about 20 kilometers off the shore of Istanbul, would fit the bill—this peaceful archipelago is a local-favorite peaceful respite.