Learning a second language as an adult is a challenging—but incredibly fulfilling—endeavor. Taking classes at home is definitely helpful, but to fully grasp the depth of a language, it’s most beneficial to immerse oneself fully in the culture of another country.

We’ve compiled a list of programs that can help you make the most of your Spanish-learning experience, whether it’s in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, or beyond.


The most natural destination on our list, Spain is a fantastic place to learn its mother tongue. The Centro MundoLengua, a Spanish language school headquartered in the historic center of Seville, offers a plethora of programs. If you’d like to branch out beyond Seville, consider courses in Barcelona, Madrid, or Cádiz. The Centro offers both individual classes—like its Spanish Intensive Course, focusing on small groups of two to five students—or larger group classes.

Costa Rica

The Instituto Estelar Bilingue is a great place to learn Spanish among locals in the Costa Rican town of Libera. Away from the traditional tourist track, the institute offers weeklong or three-month-long programs with supplemental extracurriculars like salsa dance lessons or Costa Rican cooking classes that’ll give you the chance to put your new language skills to good use. Plus, Liberia’s scenic coastal locale and proximity to the famed white-sand beaches of Guanacaste certainly don’t hurt either. The institute’s currently offering $40 off of each week for their 2019 classes.


Truly get the feel for the Mexican way of life while brushing up those Spanish skills with an immersion program in Mexico’s beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. The study abroad program at the Na’atik Language & Culture Institute aims to teach Spanish in an off-the-beaten-path locale for the fullest, most authentic immersion experience. Students live with area host families and commute to the school in the small, colorful town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Plus, the option to learn the Mayan language, still spoken by about 800,000 people on the Yucatan peninsula, is an option as well.


Spanish speakers in Colombia typically have some of the easiest accents to understand, making it a prime location to learn the language. Red Tree, a study abroad program exclusive to Colombia, supplements its language immersion programs with outings like group snorkeling sessions or boat trips to the nearby Rosario Islands. The Nueve Lengua Cartagena program in particular, located in the trendy Getsemani district, is popular among travelers passing through the neighborhood.

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