Celebrity chef Richard Sandoval hails from Mexico City and his latest venture, Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar in Los Cabos, pays homage to the delicacies and flavors of his home country. Sandoval lays claim to more than two dozen restaurants, most of which are strewn across the United States. Others are as far flung as Qatar and Serbia. With a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and Latin fusion in all of his kitchens, his establishments have become well-decorated over the years with awards ranging from Mexico’s National Toque d’Oro, Bon Appétit Restaurateur of the Year, and Cordon d’Or Restaurateur of the Year.

Hamachi taraditoWe spoke to Joe Rahim, Inspirato’s Photography and Digital Imaging Manager, about his recent dining experience near the beaches at Punta Ballena.
Q: What should guests know about Toro before they visit?
Joe: To start, much like his other restaurants, the theme throughout the whole menu is Latin cuisine. Toro has been especially influenced by Asian fare.

Q: I read that Toro’s namesake means “bull” in Spanish and “tuna belly” in Japanese. Is that a nod to the types of dishes on the menu?
Joe: Yes, it absolutely translates. The hamachi tiradito from their ceviche bar menu is a great example of that. It’s fresh, raw hamachi served sashimi style with aguachile sauce, sour apple, onion, and dollops of sriracha sauce for some heat and presentation color.

Q: Are there more approachable plates for the less adventurous diners?
Joe: Those are definitely available too. They have a tortilla soup that’s served with sour cream and creamy panela cheese, poured tableside from a hot teakettle over a bed of beef chicharron in a shallow bowl. There are items that can be described as very flavorful, straightforward comfort food.

Deconstructed tomato saladQ: You’re usually a big fan of meat-centric dinners. What was the best thing you tried over the course of the meal?
Joe: I really loved their stewed beef dish. It was served over perfectly braised vegetables and our server paired it with a strawberry watermelon mojito. There was also a deconstructed tomato salad that was a twist on a caprese. This one was served with diced watermelon and avocado with cilantro.

Q: Since the weather is usually so favorable in Los Cabos, did you dine outdoors?
Joe: Yes. There’s an outdoor patio and an indoor dining area. Separating the two in the center is a large bar. They have huge sectional couches alongside fire pits where you can sit with a cold cocktail at night.

Q: What else?
Joe: Members should know that the addition of this restaurant really rounds out the Los Cabos experience within Inspirato. It’s an incredible dining option and just a quick golf cart ride away from your accommodations. You don’t need a lot of advance notice, but play it safe and ask your Destination Concierge to make your reservations.

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