Part of the fun of exploring a new destination is trying a new activity—and Inspirato’s hotel partners are certainly not lacking for things to do. Whether completely unique to the hotel itself or just a new way of experiencing a familiar hobby, these activities make for an interesting stay.

Master the Art of Plein Air Painting at Terranea

Sweeping ocean views and a warm Pacific breeze offer plenty of inspiration for an artistic endeavor—and with a stay at Terranea Resort, opportunities abound for painting. Made a widespread art form by French impressionists, plein air painting simply means painting outdoors, allowing an artist to truly capture the subtle colors and tones of nature. Create a seascape of Southern California’s oceanside cliffs and crashing waves with Terranea’s guided plein air classes. The resort also offers mandala painting—the latter is accompanied by a wellness coach and complimentary margarita for the full Zen experience.

Try Falconry at Dromoland Castle

This 16th-century castle is a history buff’s dream and offers a plethora of activities fit for royalty, from archery to horseback riding. But one of Dromoland’s most popular pursuits is at its Falconry School—get up close to beautiful birds of prey like owls, hawks, and falcons and partake in what some consider “the first sport.” (Falconry dates all the way back to Mesopotamian times.) Take the castle’s famed Hawk Walk amid its stunning grounds, and let a feathered friend come to rest right on your arm.

Take to the Shooting Range at Sea Island

One of the South’s oldest hunting clubs, the Broadfield on Sea Island boasts 5,800 acres of sporting space amid swaying palmettos and towering pines. Take part in quail and pheasant hunts, fish from serene, freshwater lakes stocked with largemouth bass, or try your hand at archery. Shooting classes are available too, from an intro to clay shooting to the Annie Oakley Shooting Hour—a group instruction class just for women. Private lessons and practice sessions for more experienced shooters are available as well.

Learn about the Navajo Nation at Amangiri

Tucked into a canyon on the border of Arizona and Utah, Amangiri prides itself on its connection to the natural landscape—and the people who inhabit it, too. From storytelling to specialized, Navajo-guided tours among the slot canyons and monuments that dot the valley, Amangiri strives to teach its guests about the Navajo Nation who call the area home. The hotel provides a unique dining experience at the Chinle Site, a place the Navajos hold sacred. Guests will enjoy a meal inspired by Navajo culture, accompanied by traditional storytelling and music, just a short drive, horseback ride, or hike from the resort.

Take an exclusive distillery tour at Sagamore Pendry

This historic boutique hotel, located right on Baltimore’s iconic Recreation Pier, has a special relationship with a whiskey distillery. Book the Sagamore Pendry’s signature Sagamore Experience to enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour and whiskey tasting, as well as a fun gift, at the Sagamore Spirit Distillery. Guests can immerse themselves in the history of rye whiskey in Maryland, as well as look forward to preferred reservations and an exclusive tasting menu back at the Pendry’s Rec Pier Chop House as part of the package. (Fun fact: Both the hotel and distillery were named for Sagamore Farm, a thoroughbred horse breeding facility and notable name among racing aficionados.)


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