In the mid-2010s, Americans were first introduced to the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-guh), which roughly translates to a quality of coziness and contentment. Hygge helps Danes weather their long, dark winters—it’s a state of cozy happiness that can be cultivated by lighting candles, sipping hot drinks, and gathering with friends to share a warm meal.

While there’s always room to invite more hygge into your life, there’s a new term making its way across the Atlantic from our Northern European neighbors: friluftsliv. Pronounced free-loofts-liv, the Nordic expression means “open-air living” and it’s something Norwegians take seriously. Friluftsliv is a commitment to celebrating and embracing life outdoors, no matter the weather. (The popular Nordic phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” could be the unofficial slogan of friluftsliv.)

Friluftsliv encompasses outdoor recreation that runs the gamut from a vigorous weekend hike to a leisurely lunchtime stroll, or even a bike ride commute to work. The most important thing is making a commitment to regular downtime outside—rain, snow, or sunshine.

The enthusiasm for spending time outdoors, which dates back centuries, is deeply engrained in Scandinavian culture. Norway, in particular, boasts a small population relative to its country’s geographical size, meaning there is plenty of open-air space to get away from crowds.


This winter, after getting your fill of friluftsliv, head back inside to snuggle up in front of a fire and unwind in pure hygge bliss. And while you’re at it, lift a glass to our Nordic neighbors for sharing their tried-and-true methods for enjoying the colder months

Below, we’ve highlighted five of our favorite homes in the Inspirato Collection for embracing friluftsliv and getting fresh air.

Marmot Ridge — Telluride, Colorado

Enjoy ski-in, ski-out access at this home in Telluride’s Mountain Village, plus an outdoor hot tub and an indoor fireplace for après ski.

Sunset Point — Lake Tahoe, California

This lakefront home has unfettered access to a public beach just steps away, perfect for stand-up paddleboarding or a brisk summer swim.

Red Maple — Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Retreat to this home’s outdoor decks (plus two outdoor fireplaces) to take in mountain views and plan your next adventure.

Grand Beach Estate — Lake Michigan/Harbor Country, Michigan

Nestled along the forested shores of Lake Michigan, this home features incredible lake views from its outdoor heated pool.

Woodrose — Big Sky, Montana

Strap on your skis and glide right out of this home down to Stagecoach Chairlift, surrounded by a mature pine forest.

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