Since its inception in 2011, Inspirato has become the premier luxury travel service, changing the way our members experience the world while inspiring lasting memories and relationships.

We’re always striving to innovate and improve our members’ and guests’ travel experiences, and today, we’re so excited to introduce a new way to travel with the club, the world’s first luxury travel subscription: Inspirato Pass.

With Inspirato Pass, you’ll enjoy endless travel for $2,500 per month, with no nightly rates, taxes, or fees. It’s as simple as: Look. Book. Stay. Repeat.

Passholders can choose from more than 60,000 trips, whether it’s the spacious luxury homes you’ve come to know and love from the Inspirato Collection or incredible Inspirato Only experiences, like a safari through South African winelands or a scenic river cruise down the Seine. Simply select your destination from more than 150 around the world and your check-in dates to see the wealth of trip options that are available.

Your pass also includes access to the five-star service for which Inspirato is known. A dedicated Care team and destination experts will be available every step of the way, from pre-trip planning to on-site concierge service, to ensure every detail of your trip is just what you envisioned.

And one of the most exciting aspects of Inspirato Pass is its ability to be fully customized. How many reservations would you like to hold at one time? Would you like to share your pass with friends, family, or colleagues when you aren’t traveling? We can help you customize the perfect pass to suit your needs and travel goals.

Inspirato Pass gives affluent travelers the freedom to book a wider variety of trips and experiences on a more frequent basis at a tremendous value. Whether exploring accommodations or experiences for work, play, or family, Inspirato Pass offers something for everyone.”

Brent HandlerFounder and CEO of Inspirato

Here are just a few examples of the incredible trips available through Inspirato Pass. How will you travel with yours?

Luxury hotels

Explore Manhattan from your home base at 1 Hotel Central Park, an oasis of greenery right in the midst of the city. Or, stay steps from the Piazza di Spagna on Via Veneto in the heart of one of Rome’s most luxurious districts at the Baglioni Hotel Regina. Hundreds of luxury hotels across the world are available to you with Pass.

Inspirato Only experiences

Your pass also includes access to some incredible adventures with Inspirato Only experiences. Intrepid passholders can explore New Zealand’s North and South Islands with the New Zealand Adventure in 2020. Looking for something a little more leisurely? Cruise in ultimate comfort and luxury from Barcelona to Lisbon in 2020 aboard the newly renovated Silver Spirit.

Inspirato homes

And of course, your pass allows you to stay at the signature vacation homes around the world for which Inspirato is best known. Enjoy the best of wine country with a stay at Villa della Luna, offering sweeping views of the Bay Area, a private boutique vineyard, and heated pool. Or stay along Grand Cayman’s pristine Seven Mile Beach at Villa Cielo, a luxury villa just steps from a sandy swimming cove.

Are you ready to start exploring and making incredible memories? Become one of the first passholders by calling (888) 625-7525 or visiting


  • Michael says:

    I am not clear on how your subscription is different from booking similar vacations without your service

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Michael! Pass allows you to book trips with no nightly rates, taxes, or fees. By booking with pass, you’d be saving thousands of dollars on, for example, a weeklong stay, even if you only used pass once a month. Plus, your pass would include access to a dedicated Care team to help plan your trip, and on-site concierge service once you arrive at your destination. You can also customize your pass to fit your specific travel needs. Find out more at

  • Kevin says:

    So, 10k up front, 30k yr. ($2,500×12)
    And Luxury accommodations etc.
    Are there any complimentary options? I.e. meals, bar ?
    What about flights?
    I can stay in plenty of nice places for $30k/annually..

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Kevin. Airfare isn’t included, but some of the other benefits you’ll have access to with Pass are expert pre-trip planning, partner benefits, travel services, and Inspirato member events. It also includes access to experiences like cruises and safaris.

  • Robert says:

    If you book a home with multiple bedrooms and baths, can another couple(s) share it with you?

  • Mohamed says:

    That’s looks like a great deal! But I am understanding correctly that I could spend every day of the year in one of the hotels/houses with the $2500/month fee? Ie can I stay undefinely (say 6 months) in one location?

    Thank you.


    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Mohamed! You cannot technically stay at properties indefinitely with Inspirato Pass, because the soonest you can book your next trip after checking out of the previous one is seven days out. If you wanted to hold more than one reservation at the same time, you could also upgrade to a Pass 2 or 3.

  • Keith says:

    Is there a limit to how many nights per month I am able to stay or travel?

    • Inspirato says:

      You can travel as many nights as you’d like—the only limitation is that the soonest your next trip can be booked is seven days from when you check out of your last. If you opt to upgrade to a Pass 2 or 3, you could also hold more than one reservation at the same time.

  • Randy M. Long says:

    Trying to understand how this works. Is it a monthly fee whether you use it or not? Are there any costs from you besides the $2500 month?

    We spend a lot of time in Washington DC and Charlotte and travel mostly inside the US besides. Can you book on short notice or does this require some advance planning?

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi Randy! The $2,500 a month covers the nightly rates, taxes, and fees associated with whatever residence you book, whether or not you decide to travel that month. Those cities are both included on the Pass trip list, and you can book a trip as soon as seven days out.

  • Larry Mirro says:

    Need more details thanks

  • Kevin says:

    I work remotely. Is there any limit on the number of days you can travel/stay? Cause I’d do this 365 days/yr if I can…

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Kevin! There’s always at least a weeklong gap between each trip. Though you can book your next trip as soon as you check out, the soonest you can check in to your next residence is seven days.

  • Don says:

    So how does this work? You pay $2500 per month and that includes as many nights away that month as you want? I assume food/beverage is extra. What about airline costs? Need more info.

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Don. Airfare and food and beverage are not covered, and the amount of nights away is completely dependent on the length of the trip you select from the list. Trip lengths can range anywhere from 2-60 nights.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi, are all the properties listed under your “trip finder” link (ie, all Inspirato inventory) available to pass holders or just a portion of them?

  • Janet says:

    Is there a limit to how many Inspirato trips you can take in a year?
    Can you book one trip that begins the same day, or within a few days, after another trip ends?

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi, Janet! There’s no limit on how many trips you can take a year—you can book your next trip as soon as you check out—but because the soonest you can book a trip is a week out, there will always be a weeklong gap in between each trip.

  • Ray says:

    Does this include airfare?

  • Jennifer says:

    So I can’t book another trip until I have checked out of the trip I am on, and I’m not guaranteed to even get the 2nd trip booked … ???
    what if I want to book 6 months of travel consecutively??

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