Looking to change up your family vacation routine, but unsure what’s even possible these days? Here are some fun ideas to consider for your next family trip, keeping current restrictions in mind.

Use your passport

When many of us think of kid-friendly vacations, we think of places like Disney World or an all-inclusive resort. While those types of vacays will surely be a hit, taking an international trip can broaden your children’s horizons (even if it is just the next country over).

Cost Rica

For adventure-loving families, Costa Rica is the perfect international destination—and it’s so easy to get to. There’s no shortage of exciting outdoor pursuits: Zipline over the rainforest, hike up a volcano, go whitewater rafting, and discover slow-moving sloths.

Check out the master resort community of Papagayo Peninsula known for beautiful beaches that are safe, private, and offer warm and calm waters year-round. No one in your troop will complain of boredom with kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and more right at your fingertips.


Opening for international visitors on April 1, 2021, Canada might not seem like the most exotic destination, but if you stroll the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal, you’re likely to feel like you’re in France. Located on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, Montréal offers a mix of Old-World European charm and modern attractions.

Walk the trails within Mount Royal Park (designed by Central Park’s creator), visit the Barbie Expo where over 1,000 dolls are displayed in haute couture, and get a birds-eye view of Montreal from the urban zipline in the historic Old Port of Montreal neighborhood.

Cruise the country

Hit the open road on this tried-and-true way to explore the different landscapes and attractions of the U.S. Take a look at these seven scenic drives to get your wheels turning or read on for some plug-and-play itineraries.

Drive the Cali Coast

For those on the West Coast, the drive from from Los Angeles to Pebble Beach via Highway 1 is a perfect summer road trip. This three-day tour will take you through the essential California sights where the whole family can enjoy activities along the way.

Choose your American Road Trip Adventure

Skip the hassle of planning your own road trip and choose from nine curated Inspirato itineraries covering some of the most breathtaking scenery the country has to offer.

Travel with purpose

When you want more out of your family vacation, pursuing a purpose or experience on a trip can be very rewarding—not only for your family, but often times for the communities you visit.

Wildlife Experiences

One family-friendly way to approach purposeful travel is to seek out ethical wildlife experiences that have a positive impact on the animals you visit.

A great way to have a meaningful wildlife encounter is to volunteer with a conservation-minded organization, like SEE Turtles—dedicated to protecting endangered turtles. Sea turtles are uniquely suited for this kind of interactive family experience: they are predictable so researchers know when and where they will be nesting, they aren’t dangerous, and it’s easy to interact with them without interfering with their natural rhythms.

Ethical volunteering and cultural immersion

Global Volunteers is U.S.-based organization that has been granted special consultative status by the United Nations and facilitates short-term volunteer vacations for families on native reservations. Immerse your family in the beautiful surroundings of northern Montana, near Glacier National Park while serving as volunteers with the Blackfeet Nation, learning about their history and culture while providing a genuine service to this native community.

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