A lot goes into planning a vacation. Fortunately for Inspirato Members, they can rely on the club’s team of travel experts to take care of all the planning for them. Working with members’ dedicated care teams, Inspirato’s on-site staff get to know each member’s individual preferences and then handle all the arrangements.

Vacation Planner Vicki Shook has been planning vacations for Inspirato Members in Vail and Beaver Creek for more than six years. In that time, she has planned thousands of itineraries for members from around the world – and has picked up plenty of helpful hints along the way. We talked to Vicki about how she works with club members to plan memorable vacations and some of her top tips for planning your own.

Kudos to Inspirato for being true professionals in the travel field. From your initial outreach well before the trip to your kind, attentive staff and wise recommendations, you all are top shelf!

Marie CollinsInspirato Member

1. Don’t overplan.

Vicki says one of the top tips she tells members is not to overfill their itinerary. While it’s fine to plan some activities prior to your arrival, it’s a good idea to leave plenty of room for things you discover while you’re there, as well as time to relax and enjoy. “Very few people say they haven’t done enough,” Vicki says.

2. Lock down your travel arrangements.

Are you flying or taking a road trip? Many details of planning a vacation depend on how you’re getting there. If you’re flying, you might need to get a rental car when you’re there; if you’re driving, you may need to factor in extra time for the journey. It’s smart to secure those logistics early so you can focus on the more fun aspects of the vacation.

3. Consider the dynamics of the group.

One of the first things Vicki finds out while trip planning are the ages and relationships of everyone traveling. That helps her recommend the right things for everyone to do. Knowing that, she says, she can make the best suggestions for everything from dining and activity recommendations to the times that reservations can be made.

4. Figure out your dining and activity preferences.

Restaurant reservations fill up quickly – especially during peak seasons — so making your dining plans is better to do early. Even if you plan to cook or hire a private chef for most meals, those are best to plan in advance. For activities, the time of year will affect what’s available, so be sure to have realistic expectations.

5. Be open to changing your plans on the fly.

Even the best-laid plans are susceptible to uncontrollable factors. If a rainy day causes your boat trip to be canceled, a lack of snow delays a ski resort’s opening day, or a business is unexpectedly closed, be open to a change of plans. Sometimes, Vicki says, those impromptu diversions make for the best vacation memories.

Of course, Inspirato knows that planning the perfect vacation boils down to personal preference, which is why the club’s dedicated care teams get to know each member’s individual tastes. Whether members want to plan every day of their vacation or take a more relaxed approach, their trips with Inspirato are sure to be unforgettable. Learn more about experiencing the world with Inspirato.

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