Enjoy Luxury Vacation Rentals with Private Chef Service with Inspirato

There are many reasons why Inspirato is better than other vacation rental options: exclusive homes with luxury amenities, dedicated service, and much more. But one of the most unique amenities that Inspirato Club offers—and that members regularly tell us they love—is that they can enjoy their vacation rentals with private chef service at a myriad of Inspirato homes, hotels, and resorts.

Inspirato’s on-site staff can prepare delicious homemade culinary experiences for you and yours while on vacation in many of our stunning accommodations around the world. Below you’ll find out how this service works, along with some of the luxury vacation rentals with private chef service you can find within the Inspirato Collection.

What is Inspirato’s private chef service?

Carefully-crafted breakfast for just the cost of groceries

With Inspirato, you can enjoy a freshly-made breakfast prepared by professionals, for just the cost of groceries—which can be delivered to your residence before you even arrive. 

If you prefer to have your refrigerator and pantry stocked with fresh, local fare before arrival, you’ll need to complete your pre-arrival grocery order. Finalize your grocery list in your account or via the Inspirato app. From there, your Destination Concierge will deliver and put away groceries before you step foot inside—at no extra charge. 

Elevated in-home dining experiences

If you’re looking for more than a balanced breakfast, the majority of our Inspirato residences also offer the option to reserve a private, in-home dining experience with a talented professional chef. You can browse sample menus before booking and savor the comfort of your accommodation over a thoughtfully prepared meal. 

And if you’re wondering, “I have dietary restrictions, will I be able to enjoy private chef service?” The answer is always yes. Our dedicated team of culinary experts can cater to any dietary restrictions or allergies—without sacrificing flavor or experience. Whether your diet is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, or affected by specific food allergies, we will provide the utmost care for you, your family, and guests. 

Where can I enjoy vacation rentals with private chef services?

From international specialties to classic recipes from home, see below for some of our favorite destinations that come with Inspirato’s private chef services.


Few things are better than waking up to a breathtaking ocean view with a delicious breakfast waiting for you. You can have all of that during a stay at one of the Club’s residences in Real del Mar, Punta de Mita, and Los Cabos. Menu items include local specialties like chilaquiles and enchiladas, as well as classic favorites like pancakes.

The breakfast service cooked by your housekeeper is a must! We preferred the traditional Mexican breakfast over the American selections and all of them were off the charts awesome.
Erica Castelo


Stay in Villa Bellezza, one of three private villas in Tuscany with chef service. The Inspirato planning team can arrange a multi-course meal to indulge among the sprawling estate grounds. Enjoy a curated culinary experience like fried sage and zucchini flower, pasta with basil pesto, and baked peaches with fresh ice cream. 

Costa Rica

Enjoy Villa Aracari, one of our favorite Costa Rica villas with chef service, on the Cacique Peninsula. You’ll get a taste of a traditional breakfast: eggs, fried local cheese, sweet plantains, corn tortillas, and Costa Rica’s ubiquitous gallo pinto—a side dish made with black beans and rice. Or, opt for an American classic such as omelets, burritos, or banana pancakes. Pair it all with a cup of famously delicious Costa Rican coffee. 

Photo by Mark Roberson, Inspirato Member

Photo by Jill Quaintance, Inspirato Member

Dominican Republic

At some of the expansive homes Inspirato offers in Punta Cana and Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, a dedicated, in-residence chef will prepare a breakfast for you and your guests each day. The culinary team will work with you to come up with the perfect personalized menu to enjoy throughout your stay. 

Deer Valley, Utah

For the adventure-seekers staying in Deer Valley, Utah, a pre-packed gourmet basket with delectable options—like chilled filet of beef and lemon pound cake—can be prepared for you to savor picnic-style in the great outdoors.

Inspirato hotels & resorts in the Collection

Inspirato’s portfolio includes dozens of residences, suites, and rooms at top resorts and hotels around the world, many of which offer incredible dining options right on-site. From charming bed and breakfasts to sophisticated European hotels, there’s an option for every taste. And with Inspirato’s exclusive benefits, some stays include hotels with complimentary breakfast for members; or just let us know you’re interested in breakfast, and we’ll help make the arrangements. 

Great stay at the Majestic in Barcelona. Most amazing breakfast buffet ever!
Anthony Shaia

With several luxury vacation rentals with private chef service to choose from, Inspirato takes care of all the details so you can simply relax and enjoy your vacations. Explore hundreds of accommodations around the world where Inspirato members have unparalleled luxury vacations and experiences.