Staying at an Inspirato home is always an occasion, whether it’s a celebration or just an opportunity to spend time with the people you love.

Inspirato member Mike from Wichita, Kansas, blended both of those notions when he was looking to celebrate a successful 2018 with some close friends from his company. He decided a February ski trip to Telluride, Colorado, would make for the perfect getaway.

(Photo courtesy of Mike)

In years past, his company outings have typically been large trips of about 50 people to baseball games or hunting lodges. But this time, he wanted the gathering to be a bit more intimate, with a diverse group of nine men coming and going throughout the week—a mix of coworkers, trade partners, college friends, and family.

“I work with my brother, so he was there, and then these guys that are really important to me at our company all got together for a kind of winter retreat,” he said.

To house such a group, Gold Hill was the perfect fit. Mike said its five bedrooms and bathrooms were a big selling point for their stay, as well as its proximity to the slopes.

Though skiing was a big priority throughout the trip—out of the eight days the group was there, Mike said they skied six of those—the men also perused the local restaurant scene, and kicked back and relaxed throughout the house, making use of the hot tub and fireplace.

Mike said that Charlene, a Destination Concierge for Telluride, was on top of all the finer details. Because the men were visiting over Valentine’s Day, she got them chocolates. He also mentioned that Alyssa, the Regional Destination Planner, was a great help, especially when it came to the preliminary planning.

And though he’s normally more of an independent traveler, Mike decided that this trip would be the first that he fully explored the services that Inspirato offers.

(Photo courtesy of Mike)

“It was nice to have the Cadillac, it was nice to have the first big run of groceries, and to have the advice and someone taking care of making the reservations for you,” he said.

After a week of good skiing, good food, and good drinks, Mike said he’d absolutely like to go back to Telluride to check out the vibrant summer scene; the mountain town offers a plethora of festivals throughout the warm-weather months, he said.

“Telluride is a hidden jewel in the Southwest Rockies. It was totally uncrowded,” he said. “It felt off the grid, so it was really relaxing.”

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