How a Pass Subscriber Experiences Certainty with Inspirato

Picture this: A vacation with all the planning already taken care of, all the details ironed out, and the certainty that your accommodations and recommendations for what to do throughout your stay will all be top of the line. That’s what traveling with an Inspirato Pass subscription is like.

Subscriber Charlotte Walsh has experienced it for herself—she’s taken 11 trips with Pass since joining in February 2020, from her first trip to Kiawah Island to an upcoming trip to Punta de Mita in February. She shared her experience with prospective subscribers in a recent virtual event to help them get a feel for what it’s like to travel with the club.

She and her family—her husband and two adult children in their 20s—appreciate the myriad global exploration opportunities that Pass offers.

“Our family loves variety—going out West, going to Europe, going to Asia,” Charlotte said. “That’s one of the things that was so appealing about Pass: You have the opportunity to go all over the world.”

A discerning consultant by trade, she analyzes all of her options thoroughly and calls herself a hard hurdle to pass when it comes to the quality of vacations.

“Before vacationing with Inspirato, I would spend countless hours looking for the perfect house. And sometimes the houses were nice, and other times they’d miss the mark,” she said. “There wasn’t the same quality level each time.”

But she was impressed with Inspirato from the start.

When we took our first Inspirato Pass trip, we were blown away. From the linens, to the kitchen, to everything in the physical space … it was absolutely beautiful
Charlotte Walsh

That certainty and consistency of the accommodations continued throughout her other trips. She visited a new city for the first time with Pass, too.

“I had heard of San Miguel de Allende for years, but it would have been too arduous to do the research on booking a trip to a new city with a group of four couples. But with the concierge and Inspirato Pass, I knew the houses were vetted,” she said. “I just knew that wherever the house was, it was going to be in the center of everything. And sure enough—the house was in an amazing location and we were all blown away by the quality.

“All the activities that everyone was interested in—horseback riding, ATVS—all that research was taken care of by the concierge. And the concierge took care of all the reservations, too. My husband and I were able to trust that our friends would have a wonderful time.”

What Charlotte loves most, though, is the certainty that she’ll always be taken care of throughout her Inspirato trips.

“The Inspirato concierges handle all of your reservations, and you can adjust things with a text. You don’t need to interrupt your whole vacation, and they have so many local recommendations,” she said. “The care that the concierges give us when we are on site goes far above and beyond anything I’ve experienced before.”