Pause for a moment and picture swaying palms, crystal-clear waters, and a balmy breeze–this is nearly every day on Grand Cayman, a sweet slice of paradise just an hour’s flight from Miami. It’s also one of Inspirato’s most robust Caribbean destinations.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands that make up the Caymans, an overseas British Territory that sits southwest of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. Inspirato’s accommodations on Cayman are split between two parts of the island: in and around Georgetown near Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point, on the island’s North Side.

Each side has its perks, and nothing is more than an hour’s drive regardless of where you stay—read on to discover our recommendations for what to do that makes Cayman so special.

What to do

Visit Seven Mile Beach

The island’s most iconic stretch of sand, Seven Mile Beach has consistently ranked among the top beaches in the world. Its warm, translucent waters are almost as clear and clean as a pool. Spend the day (or several) strolling the length of it, stopping along the way for beachside eats and a cocktail as you go.

Snorkel in Stingray City

A can’t-miss Cayman activity, Stingray City is a consistent favorite among visitors to the island. The “city” comprises a group of sandbars about 25 miles off the coast of Cayman where these intelligent, mesmerizing creatures spend time. They’re friendly, too—wade through waist-deep water to snorkel right alongside them.

Ride horses in the ocean

Take horseback riding on the beach to another level with a Caribbean Sea Swim ride with Spirit of the West. Enjoy a leisurely seaside stroll atop your horse before turning and plunging into the ocean, letting your steed lead you out bareback into the waves for a refreshing dip right up to its head. (Hold on tight!)

Kayak in Bioluminescent Bay

Like Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman is home to a bioluminescent bay, filled with tiny microorganisms that glow blue in the night. Located on Cayman’s North Side, the bay is a quick and convenient drive for those staying further from the hubbub of Georgetown near Rum Point. Take a kayak or catamaran tour with Cayman Kayaks to dip your hand in the fluorescence —you can even plunge into the dark waters to experience the glow all around you, if you’re brave enough.

Where to stay

In the heart of the action

If you’d prefer to be closer to most of the island’s activities and restaurants, our homes near Seven Mile Beach fit the bill. One of Inspirato’s most spacious accommodations along Seven Mile is Cousteau, an oceanfront penthouse just steps from some of the island’s best snorkeling. Aquamarine is also nestled right along Seven Mile, a ground-floor unit that sleeps nine and has access to a plethora of resort amenities. And Flora and Fauna, just a five-minute drive from the beach, both boast expansive outdoor areas and their own pools.

On the quieter side

If you’re seeking somewhere truly serene, the north side of Grand Cayman is a great fit. Nestled right along the water, Rum Point is a resort community with four apartment-style residences, like Caretta and Salina. And standalone Parrotfish is just a five-minute walk from Rum Point, boasting its own infinity-edge pool and hot tub. Though there are fewer restaurants and activities on this side of the island, you’ll avoid the heavier traffic and hustle and bustle—it’s the perfect retreat for a quieter, more laid-back vacation.

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