5 New Inspirato Only Safaris, from India to Africa

Picture yourself riding through the Serengeti on a quiet morning game drive, spotting lions and elephants roaming in their natural habitats, then coming back to your luxury safari camp to relax on your private veranda overlooking a wildlife refuge—refreshing beverage in hand.

There’s nothing quite like going on safari with Inspirato, which is why we’re excited to announce five curated Inspirato Only safaris for 2024, including an adventure to enchanting  India.

India Tiger & Taj Mahal Safari 2024

For the first time, Inspirato Only will adventure to India in March 2024 for an unforgettable journey exploring the country’s culture, cuisine, and wildlife on a 10-day safari. Beginning in New Delhi, Inspirato members will go on walking tours to explore street food, historic buildings, and spice markets. Next up—the Taj Mahal, where members will visit the tomb twice including a sunrise visit. On private game drives in Northern India’s Rathambore National Park, the group will safari in search of Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, striped hyenas, and marsh crocodiles. The final stop will be the royal city of Jaipur, known for its ornate pink palaces and stately fortresses.

Best of Botswana and South Africa Safari 2024

Leave the kids at home—this adults-only safari will be one for the books. This safari will embark in May during the time when Botswana’s Okavango Delta will be flooding, drawing many animals to the water and making it easier than ever to see loads of wildlife. You may even catch a glimpse of lesser-seen animals like the smaller Kalahari lion, brown hyena, and more. During the journey, members will be treated to ultimate luxury—thanks to Inspirato’s full buy-outs of opulent lodges nestled within national parks and reserves throughout Southern Africa.

East Africa Wildlife Safari 2024

This 11-day safari through East Africa will take Inspirato members through the best sights in Kenya and Tanzania during June of 2024. The expedition kicks off with two nights at the Instagram-famous Giraffe Manor, a historic property with its own resident herd of giraffes who are known to poke their heads in the window during breakfast. Other highlights include staying in luxe Moroccan-style tents with private plunge pools at Sasaab Camp, visiting a traditional Maasai village, and spending the night perched on the edge of a crater rim at the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

Serengeti Wildlife Safari 2024

Departing in July of 2024, this 10-night safari will travel across Tanzania, staying in luxurious and authentic safari camps along the way, including one at the heart of a coffee plantation. Inspirato has made every effort to time this safari to coincide with The Great Migration on the African Serengeti, in which thousands of wildebeest, zebras, and other hoofed mammals make their way en masse to find better grounds for grazing. Members might also spot leopards, lions, black rhinoceroses, buffalo, and elephants on daily game drives through Serengeti National Park.

Family Cape Town and South Africa Safari 2024

Bring the whole family on an unforgettable journey through three distinct regions of South Africa during a nine-day safari in July 2024, where members will most likely see the Big Five and up to 147 other mammal species. A unique feature of this experience that benefits the whole family is WILDchild Programming, where kids get the chance to participate in supervised activities and crafts while parents enjoy game drives and more. There will also be family-centered activities along the way, and of course, the most luxury safari accommodations for the whole group to enjoy.