The Inspirato Collection includes more than 900 vacation options in nearly 200 destinations around the world, presenting club members with limitless things to do and places to discover. Skiing, fine dining, and cultural attractions are timeless activities and among the most popular entries on members’ itineraries, but it’s always refreshing to shake things up. Based on these favorite pastimes, we found five unique alternatives that Inspirato Members should consider on their next vacation.

If you like snowboarding in Vail…

…try ash boarding in Nicaragua

The thrill of zooming down a slope, wind in your face and beautiful views all around, isn’t exclusive to snowy mountain resorts. Nicaragua’s 1,640-foot-tall Cerro Negro volcano is a hub for the growing sport of ash boarding, which is exactly what it sounds like: Daredevils cruise down the ash-covered volcano on a wooden board, similar to snowboarding. Inspirato’s partner, Mukul Resort on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, offers day trips via helicopter. Sound too adventurous? The waves at Mukul’s private beach are fantastic for another adrenaline-pumping activity performed atop a board: surfing.

Mukul is spectacular. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone. The location, the trip, the villa, the service, were all truly awesome.

Steve HirschfeldInspirato Member

If you like wine tasting in Sonoma…

…try mezcal tasting in Mexico

Mezcal has been enjoyed in Mexico for centuries, and is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to tequila in other parts of the world. Made from distilled agave plants, the spirit generally imparts a smokier flavor than tequila. Like the finest winemakers, mezcal artisans go through a meticulous production process, which traditionally involves smoking and cooking the plants underground, then grinding and crushing them under a stone wheel pulled by a donkey. Inspirato Members have loved sampling mezcals (and tequilas) in Mexican destinations like Punta de Mita, Los Cabos, San Miguel de Allende, and Ixtapa.

If you like the steakhouses in Las Vegas…

…try the parrillas in Argentina

In Argentina, steakhouses are more than restaurants: they’re a way of life. Argentina produces some of the world’s most coveted prime beef, and it’s best enjoyed at one of the country’s ubiquitous parrillas and churrasquerías (steakhouses), where the meat is slow-cooked over an open flame, the traditional preparation. For an even more authentic experience, join an asado — a casual barbecue among friends. Buenos Aires boasts hundreds of these laid-back restaurants, but less urban destinations such as Bariloche and Tierra del Fuego also offer authentic culinary delights.

If you like Puerto Rico’s Old San Juan…

…try Altos de Chavón in Casa de Campo

Old San Juan is Puerto Rico’s oldest settlement, dating all the way back to 1521, and one of the most fascinating and historic sites in all of the Caribbean. At Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, the concept of an “old town” reaches a new level: The resort is home to a replica 16th-century Mediterranean village called Altos de Chavón. The precisely designed and handcrafted village is an arts and culture hub — studios house working artists creating everything from pottery to screen prints — and boasts a museum and 5,000-seat-amphitheater.

If you like fly fishing in Telluride…

…try bonefishing in the Bahamas

Telluride offers some of the best fly-fishing in the world. But anglers looking for more than trout should head to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas to take part in the popular pastime of bonefishing. The sport employs many of the same casting techniques as fly fishing in a river, but as the Bahamas’ tropical ocean is much clearer than many rivers, participants either wade or take a small boat across calm, shallow waters to search for the fast-moving, hard-to-spot bonefish directly. Plus, the gorgeous setting makes for an incomparable background for a day of fishing.

Finding a new favorite activity can breathe new life into a vacation, but then again, revisiting your most beloved things to do makes for a fantastic travel experience, too. Whatever a traveler’s preferences, Inspirato is the best way to vacation. Learn more about joining the club and how members experience the world, from snowboarding down mountains to zooming down volcanoes.

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