As you plan your 2022 travels, logistics can be a headache. But Inspirato members have a particular advantage—our partnerships help make travel much smoother. Read on to see how they can make your next trip a little more pleasant.

Swift Passport Services

Leaving the country for the first time or need to renew a passport on short notice?  It can take months to obtain a passport by mail, especially with government COVID slowdowns, which is why Inspirato’s partnership with Swift Passport Services can be a great help. Trust the experts at Swift to handle all the paperwork of the expediting process for you, making sure your passport is approved in the shortest time possible; members get a discount on their services, too.

TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

Though it’s not an Inspirato partnership, by far one of the biggest airport timesavers is TSA PreCheck—or Global Entry if you travel internationally at least several times a year. With the former, you’ll breeze through security lines quickly, and with the latter, you’ll skip the long lines that can back up when reentering the U.S. through customs. Though Global Entry requires an interview before approval, it’s fairly straightforward, as is the fingerprinting process for PreCheck. And if PreCheck still isn’t fast enough for you, combining it with another Inspirato partnership may suit you even better—our next on the list may be of particular interest.


CLEAR aims to make it easy as possible to zip through security at airports and stadiums around the world. Its special software can confirm a traveler’s identity with just a quick fingerprint or retinal scan at an on-site kiosk. Once that’s done, CLEAR members go to the front of the line—even to the front of the line for PreCheck. The kiosks are located in dozens of major airports and stadiums across the country, from LAX to JFK. Inspirato members receive their first six months of CLEAR free.


Finding a rental car can be stressful, especially because there’s a shortage right now. But Inspirato members have a leg up: They can enroll in Avis’ invite-only President’s Club. This elevated status not only guarantees a car will be available every time, but members get discounted rates of up to 25% off base rates, a complimentary double car class upgrade if one is available at pick-up time, 24/7 assistance, and accelerated points toward rewards when opting into Avis Preferred Points.

Luggage Free

Forget the days of wheeling your luggage through the airport or having to wait at baggage claim for 45 minutes, not even knowing if your suitcase made the flight—enter Luggage Free. Ship your luggage, skis, golf clubs, and more ahead of time and enjoy the convenience of having them ready at your residence, right when you walk through the door, rather than dragging them with you to the airport—members get half off their first roundtrip shipment and 15% off all services after that.

Ski Butlers

If you’re heading to a mountain destination to hit the slopes, we highly recommend using Ski Butlers to eliminate the hassle of lugging gear with you or bypassing the busy ski rental shop. They deliver equipment rentals right to your vacation home. And if you’d rather bring your own gear, the company also offers complimentary overnight wax and tunes for Inspirato members.

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