The prospect of travel is always exciting, whether you’re setting off to an exotic new destination or venturing back to a much-loved vacation spot. But there’s that one thing that stands between you and your far-flung destination: the flight. Read on for seven of our favorite tips for getting as comfy as possible on your next long-haul air voyage.

Face mask

It’s widely known that air travel is terribly dehydrating to your skin. But rather than admitting defeat and stocking up on moisturizing serums for the hotel, get ahead of the dryness with an in-flight sheet mask, like this one from La Mer, that’ll keep your skin hydrated and refreshed for the duration of the flight. Feeling self conscious? Grab a window seat and throw on an eye mask for the ultimate “do not disturb” look.

Antibacterial supplies

The germaphobes among us know how much bacteria is lingering on those arm rests and tray tables. Before digging into the complimentary pretzels, it’ll probably feel better to swipe down your surroundings with a single-pack of antibacterial wipes. Be sure to have a little hand sanitizer in your carry-on, too.

Noise-canceling headphones and soothing sounds

Headphones on a long flight are a bit of a no-brainer, but noise-canceling headphones paired with some soothing sounds take the experience a step further. Find white noise or the sound of thunderstorms on Spotify or Apple Music, or listen to a soothing story or meditation exercise on the Calm app and try to drift off.

External charging device

(Photo courtesy of Away)

Nothing is worse than a phone, tablet, or wireless headphones running out of juice when there’s four hours of a flight left. Although some commercial airlines have begun putting outlets in seats, that depends pretty heavily on what plane you’ll be flying in, so it’s always a good idea to bring along an external charging device. Away’s carry-on suitcases offer ejectable charging ports, perfect to pop out and have in the seat with you before sliding the suitcase in the overhead bin.

Reusable water bottle

Fairly straightforward but sometimes forgotten in a packing rush, a reusable water bottle is a must-have for a long flight. Avoid waiting for the beverage cart to make its way around or spending $3 or $4 on an airport water bottle—and be eco-friendly while doing it—by having your own reusable one on hand. Many airports have water bottle-filling stations throughout the concourses.

Healthy snacks

In that same vein, having healthy snacks on hand like granola or dried fruit makes it easier to avoid a meal out of desperation on the flight. It’s much easier to bloat while in the air, too. Consuming lighter, healthier fare and avoiding a huge meal—as tempting as that may be—will ensure you’re a little more comfortable in your seat.


And finally, one of the most important things not to forget on a long flight is layers of comfy clothing. It’s easy to work up a sweat while navigating the airport, and it’s nice to be able to cool down by taking off a jacket or overshirt while still having the option to layer back up beneath the air conditioning during the flight. Plus, that extra layer can be rolled up and used as a headrest, eliminating the need to carry around a bulky pillow.

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