The holidays are upon us, and it’s officially time to start checking off the list for everyone in your life—including that globetrotting family member or friend. Here are seven of our favorite trendy, practical, and actually useful gifts for the traveler in your life. (And maybe you’ll find something for yourself, too.)

Xenvo Pro Camera Lens Kit

Leave the hefty DSLR at home in favor of this easy addition to something you already carry everywhere: your phone. Okay—the photo quality may not be exactly the same as a top-of-the-line Nikon, but this highly rated kit comes with several snap-on lenses for your phone that capture high-quality shots, both close and far away. Xenvo, $39.99

Stow Leather Tech Case

A favorite of Meghan Markle, this chic leather case can organize all your travel accessories, featuring slots for credit cards, a passport, cords, and a loop for headphones. It also comes with a 32GB memory stick and a power bank to charge devices on the go. Choose from different colors, including sapphire blue and amber orange. Aha, $440

Pocketalk Voice Translator

Know of anyone who’s always traveling to far-flung lands? The innovative Pocketalk Voice Translator would be a perfect addition to helping them communicate with the locals. The device enables a two-way conversation between two people who don’t speak a word of each other’s languages. It works in 133 countries and can translate 74 languages. Pocketalk, $249.99

Slip Beauty Sleep to Go Travel Set

This trendy brand has been making waves, and should help even the most restless traveler cozy up on a long flight. This chic silk set includes a travel-sized pillow, one of Slip’s famed pillowcases—touted to reduce bedhead and fight aging—and an eye mask. The set also comes in a marbled pink and black variety. (Plus, who can actually get comfortable with an airline pillow?) Silk, $119

Apple AirPods Pro

We know that AirPods need no introducing, but this year’s iteration has arrived with stellar reviews for a reason. The brand new AirPods Pro are Apple’s first foray into noise-cancelling headphone territory, and you can even choose to turn that function off if you’d like to stay in tune with your surroundings. The pods come with three sizes of cushioned inserts to find the perfect snug fit. Apple, $249

Rimowa Luggage

Carried by celebrities like LeBron James and Jessica Alba, Rimowa luggage has quickly become one of the biggest names in the luxury travel industry. Its aluminum sides and zipperless closure are hand assembled in Germany. And though it may not arrive in time for the holidays, a new collaboration between Rimowa and Dior, featuring the luxury brand’s signature logo, is available for preorder and will ship in January. Rimowa, $640-4,620

Aesop Departure Kit

Stay fresh on the go with this thoughtful kit from Aesop, the Australian plant-based skincare brand that’s become a favorite among wellness gurus. The kit provides plenty of luxe options to cleanse and moisturize, meant for use right on the plane. The seven essentials included range from mouthwash to a face mask to hand sanitizer (or “rinse-free hand wash”—Aesop has a way of making everything sound better). Aesop, $53

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