Get the Most Out of Your Inspirato Pass

Whether you’re a seasoned Inspirato Pass subscriber or a vacation enthusiast considering Pass, there are so many exciting possibilities to explore. Below, find a few tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your subscription, from incredible travel experiences to luxury merchandise and exclusive events across the country that go beyond travel.

Use your Pass Days

Simply put, Pass Days are a way of comparing trips—for example, longer vacations in standalone homes will use more Pass Days than a shorter stay in a hotel suite. Each reservation will put your available Pass in use for a number of days when you won’t be able to make another reservation—but as soon as those days are complete, your Pass is available to book another trip. (Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation.)

Adventure on Experiences

Use your Pass to experience some of the most unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventures with Inspirato. Embark on excursions including multi-day fishing experiences in Alaska, family safaris in South Africa and Victoria Falls, a trek through the Andes in Peru, and so many other unbelievable journeys that go above and beyond your average vacation.

Cruise the World

Adventure with Inspirato or one of our trusted cruise partners on a jaw-dropping voyage. Choose from a variety of cruises including a charming voyage to the Christmas markets nestled along France and Germany’s Rhine River; a culturally rich trip along the picturesque coasts of Portugal and Spain; an expedition partnered with National Geographic to explore Southeast Alaska; and so much more.

Go Beyond Travel

If you want to make use of your Pass but don’t have the time or yearning to travel, you can use your Pass Days on Beyond Travel until you’re ready to—participate in local leisure activities and score luxury merchandise. Options include a Callaway VIP Experience that comes with lessons, club fitting, and a practice pass; a Yeti stainless steel cooler; a massage membership at Soothe Spa; and an annual Ikon Ski Pass.

Gain Exclusive Tickets

Use Pass to grab tickets to top sporting events and concerts all across the country. You can find tickets to MLB, NBA, NHL games, and a surplus of concerts at venues like Denver’s Ball Arena and Arena in Los Angeles. Share your tickets with family or friends and experience your favorite artist or cheer on your team together.

Save with Jaunt

Jaunt Now and Jaunt 52
are both great options for last-minute trips and discounted stays at Inspirato homes and partner hotels on a first-come, first-served basis. Through Jaunt 52, choose from pre-selected and discounted vacations throughout the year, with new trips each week. And for more spur-of-the-moment excursions, pick from the Jaunt Now list for vacations in the next 60 days, updated each week. From a beachfront villa in Costa Rica to a rugged mountain home in Colorado, finding your dream vacation has never been so easy.