Deciding if Inspirato Pass is a good fit for you can seem a little complicated. You might wonder, is Inspirato Pass worth it? There’s a lot to consider when planning vacations for your family, but regardless of how often you travel or your vacation style, there’s so much value to find in an Inspirato Pass subscription.

From consistent luxury accommodations to five-star service, it’s a great investment for those who travel even a few times a year—but we totally understand why you have questions. (We recommend checking out our FAQ section in this blog post to see some of the most-asked questions regarding Pass.)

A common misconception that people usually have about Pass is that the Pass Trip List mostly comprises hotels. But John and Kelly Scully, Pass subscribers since the fall of 2020, stay almost exclusively in Inspirato’s homes with their kids through Pass. They shared their experience with Pass in a recent virtual event.

“When we considered getting an Inspirato Pass, we looked at other vacation rentals and saw some that were $6,000 a night,” said Kelly. “And those didn’t come with daily housekeeping or in-home breakfast like we got on our trip to (Real del Mar) in Mexico. Those others really don’t compare to Inspirato at all.”

Another misconception is that finding value on Pass can be a difficult endeavor—but John’s typical Friday morning ritual for perusing the Pass list is a great example of how easy it is.

“I am an early riser and browse the list before the kids get up. Kelly and I have a deal where if I find something with huge value in an area we love, I’ll just book it and we’ll figure it out,” said John. “I logged in Friday morning and saw an awesome trip to Rosemary Beach for four nights with almost a $30,000 value, and just booked it because we only pay the $2,500 a month subscription—it’s a no brainer.”

So, is Inspirato Pass worth it? In all, the couple has taken 20 trips since the fall of 2020. And one of the best values they’ve gotten out of Pass has been time spent with their sons.

It has just been unbelievable—trips we have taken with the boys have given us so many memories. I love going through all the pictures on my phone with the boys and they even write about their trips at school. I wish we had started traveling them when they were even younger.

Kelly ScullyPass subscriber

Feeling inspired by the Scullys? They’ve figured out how to find the best possible value with Pass—and make incredible memories with their family at the same time. To start your own Inspirato Pass journey, click here to find out more.

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