Is Inspirato Pass Worth It? See How These Pass Subscribers Get Value

Regardless of how often you travel or your vacation style, there’s so much value to find in an Inspirato Pass subscription. From the incredible monetary value to consistent luxury accommodations to exploring new destinations and making lasting memories with your loved ones, it’s a great investment for those who travel even a few times a year.  

Is Inspirato Pass worth it? A look at Inspirato Pass value 

For the monthly $2,550 Inspirato Pass cost, it’s clear that our subscribers want to get the best value from their subscription. Take it from Christine Zheng, a Pass Subscriber since August 2020, who’s managed to make the most of her subscription by taking more than 20 trips in a year. Christine, shared her experience with her first year of Pass in an Inspirato virtual event. 

“When I first subscribed to Inspirato Pass, it was all about value: if I paid $2,550 a month I wanted to get $5,050 worth of value. And when I realized how easy that would be with just the high-quality hotels, I subscribed,” she said. Among her 20 trips, she’s recently gone to Florida, New York, the Bahamas, and Mexico. 

“I calculate the rate of all the hotels and homes I’ve booked with Inspirato compared to their value on the open market. In six months, I paid about $30,000 for 13 trips with Inspirato, but—check this out—they were valued at $120,000. It’s just phenomenal.”

Christine Zheng

Or take it from John and Kelly Scully, Pass subscribers since the fall of 2020, who stay almost exclusively in Inspirato homes with their kids through Inspirato Pass. 

“When we considered getting an Inspirato Pass, we looked at other vacation rentals and saw some that were $6,000 a night,” said Kelly. “And those didn’t come with daily housekeeping or in-home breakfast like we got on our trip to Real del Mar in Mexico. Those others really don’t compare to Inspirato at all.” 

Consistent quality at every Inspirato accommodation 

One of Christine’s top priorities for her and her family on vacation is to have a stocked kitchen to prepare meals for her and her family—especially for a week-long ski vacation where she wants to send her kids off for a ski day with premade, mom-approved lunches each day.  

“There’s always fear associated with something like VRBO. The quality is hit and miss, and every time I go on a vacation, I just worry something is going to go wrong,” she said. “Versus Inspirato’s standards: the service level, the amenities—plus all of the supplies are always there. You can always count on that 100% of the time, and I think that is more important than money: the certainty of walking into a home where you know your family is being taken care of.” 

Destination flexibility means more value 

Christine has gotten so much out of her willingness to find a good deal that she’s been able to expand her travel list to destinations she never thought she’d enjoy—and that quickly became some of her favorite trips.  

“When you are flexible, Pass gives you tons and tons of options with tremendous value. And sometimes if you don’t understand a place, like, ‘I’ve never been to Scottsdale; I’m not a desert person.’ But I tell myself it’s a great value, it’s worth $4,000, and I can be there in a week from now, why not just go?,” she asks herself. “And sometimes I get lots of great surprises from those trips. Like, the Faena hotel in Miami wasn’t on my list, but it turned out to be one of my favorite locations. It’s really expanded my horizons.” 

In a recent Inspirato Review blog, new Pass member, Tim White, writes about the incredible value he gets from his Inspirato Pass subscription by simply being flexible. “The way to get the most out of your subscription is to be very flexible regarding where you go and when you go.” Tim is lucky enough to work (mostly) remote and keeps his travel schedule flexible.  

If you are the type of traveler that wants to go to a warm/beach location in the winter, without specific dates, and are open to any island in the Caribbean as well as Latin American locations (Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.), then this could be for you. My Care team refers to this as ‘casting a wide net’ to get the most options and value from your subscription.

Tim White

Creating lasting memories with loved ones 

One of the best values John and Kelly have gotten out of their Inspirato Pass subscription has been time spent with their sons. 

It has just been unbelievable—trips we have taken with the boys have given us so many memories. I love going through all the pictures on my phone with the boys, and they even write about their trips at school. I wish we had started traveling them when they were even younger.

Kelly Scully

Feeling inspired by these real members’ Inspirato Pass reviews? Still find yourself wondering, “is Inspirato Pass worth it? We recommend checking out our FAQ section on Inspirato Pass to see some of the most-asked questions regarding Pass.