Join an Exclusive Vacation Club of Like-Minded People

One of the best parts about vacationing is the bonds you create, both with those you travel with and those you meet along the way. With an Inspirato membership, not only do you get access to hundreds ofexclusive luxury vacations worldwide, but you also become part of an exclusive vacation club that gets you access to a travel community of like-minded people.

Members typically meet each other on vacation and either cross paths professionally, or in many cases, find they live in the same area and continue their connection after a trip. There’s truly nothing better than when connections made on Inspirato vacations evolve into long-term friendships.

With Inspirato, it’s not only about the amazing accommodations in 100+ destinations around the world, but a curated collection of once-in-a-lifetime Inspirato Only experiences and the opportunity to connect with members virtually when you aren’t traveling.

Inspirato Only Experiences Offer Exclusive Group Travel Opportunities Around the World

Exclusive vacation club Inspirato members gathered around table enjoying a meal outside together.

Whether it be a luxurious, all-inclusive cruise to places like theGalápagos Islands or a breathtaking safari through the desert landscapes of Botswana, our experienced trip planners have created some of the most awe-inspiring trips on the planet.

The luxury travel experiences that we provide are one of the most unique aspects of the Collection and one of the biggest perks to becoming a member of our exclusive vacation club. These one-of-a-kind, exclusive group travel itineraries are entirely designed, staffed, and managed in-house—exclusively for members. Our Inspirato Only experiences feature insider access, as well as luxury accommodations.

Inspirato members on a safari in Africa through Inspirato's exclusive vacation club.

At Inspirato, our mission is to inspire lasting memories and relationships by changing the way family and friends experience the world. And part of that means helping members explore the world while making meaningful connections with other Inspirato members, like Cindy and Bob Laughrea.

Looking for a fun vacation to commemorate their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple decided on Inspirato’s New Zealand Experience, long a destination on Cindy’s travel wish list. While Cindy admits that she and her husband generally don’t prefer strictly organized group trips, Inspirato’s laid-back approach offered the flexibility and activities they were looking for.  

“It was the mix of adventure and romance that we wanted,” Cindy said. The custom itinerary included everything from helicopter rides to wine tastings, and Cindy’s personal favorite, a boat and kayak river tour: “It was a beautiful day. So peaceful and really gorgeous nature while we were being active and physical. It had the best of everything all together.”

Pink, purple, and blue sunset over New Zealand mountains and lake.

But beyond the fantastic activities, sights, and accommodations, Cindy and Bob enjoyed something far more special. Over the course of the experience, they struck up an instant friendship with fellow members Wade and Leah Schaatt. “Bob and I are very social, so we love to meet other people and other families,” Cindy added.

The Laughreas and the Schaatts spent the rest of the experience indulging their many common interests—especially wine—and, like true friends, encouraging some light-hearted rivalries. “They were competitive, which was good,” Cindy shared. “It pushed us to a different level—like ‘if you’re going to do it, I’m going to do it.’ My husband went skydiving even though he’s terrified of heights!”  

Their bond lasted even after both couples returned home from New Zealand: the new friends soon met up again, this time at the Schaatts’ vacation home in Grand Cayman. “They have this amazing boat and we went fishing. I caught my first tuna,” Cindy said. “Again, it was so comforting, like we were family.” 

Choose from a variety of luxury travel experiences, including cruises, safaris, expeditions, cultural trips, and sports and entertainment events, including Elevation Beaver Creek Music Festival 2024. Our team goes above and beyond to design and execute some of the most inspiring, authentic, and customized trips you could ask for—for instance, transforming what might otherwise be a typical vacation to New Orleans, to a fun, culture-rich extravaganza of 1920s-themed cocktail parties and private second-line performances down Bourbon Street. And what better way to experience the magic than with fellow Inspirato members? Making friends while traveling is easy when you’re a part of our exclusive vacation club.

Our Travel Community Connects Inspirato Members When They Aren’t Traveling

We have an incredible online travel community that connects with us and each other on our social media platforms. Our members are expert travelers and have a wealth of knowledge about the Inspirato portfolio, so the Official Inspirato Member Travel Group on Facebook is an excellent virtual resource where our community can gather.  

This private Facebook group, which consists of over 5,000 members, is a lively virtual hub where travelers connect with one another, share insider tips, ask for recommendations, and post photos from their vacations. We see frequent engagement from our members—including meetups and hangouts between members outside of Inspirato-affiliated offerings. 

Wherever you’re inspired to travel with Inspirato, whether it be in the comfort of your home or on a luxury vacation halfway across the world, we hope you feel a heightened sense of connection to your loved ones, friends, and Inspirato community.  

Get an Inspirato Club membership today, and join the Laughreas, the Schaats, and more than 14,000 other Inspirato members who rely on this exclusive vacation clubto make sure every vacation is perfect. Find out more about how Inspirato’s personalized service and care and hundreds of exclusive luxury vacation options make for unforgettable travel memories.