What are Inspirato Pass Days?

To understand what Pass Days are, we first need to give you a quick overview of what Inspirato Pass is. Inspirato Pass is a luxury travel and lifestyle subscription that gives you access to hundreds of luxury homes, hotels, resorts, and experiences for $2,550 per month, with all nightly rates, taxes, and fees included.

What are Inspirato Pass Days and how do they work?

Every Pass subscriber has 370 Pass Days to use each year. Each trip can be searched by and reserved based on a specific number of Pass Days. These Pass Days are essentially a way of comparing trips—for example, longer vacations in standalone homes will use more Pass Days than a shorter stay in a hotel suite.

Each time you make a reservation, you decide how many Pass Days you’d like to use on that specific trip—which is anywhere from 80-370 Days. This allotment of Pass Days translates to the number of days your Pass is “inactive” until you’re able to make your next reservation. As soon as the allotted number of days is complete, your Pass is available again. It doesn’t matter when the check-in date is, it’s all about how much value your trip is worth.

Here’s a quick video demonstration on how this process works:

Inspirato Pass member Tim White has written an in-depth breakdown of Pass and how he gets the most value out of his Pass subscription to help you better understand Pass, Pass Days, and the potential of this high value subscription—you can read the full article here.

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