Yoga’s been practiced for thousands of years. And for good reason—its benefits are myriad, and the mindfulness skills it teaches can make a big difference in everyday life. Inspirato members who are either new to yoga or looking to explore their practice further can dive deep within these four resorts, all offering more than just the typical yoga class fare.

Jade Mountain — St. Lucia, West Indies

There’s no better place to zen out than in the West Indies amid the breathtaking peaks of the verdant Pitons. Jade Mountain Resort, tucked away on the lush oasis of St. Lucia, boasts a rich variety of yoga offerings. Among them are couple’s yoga, which incorporate shared poses that can help build communication and trust, or a vinyasa flow, which synchronizes breath with movement to work up a sweat and release toxins. The resort also offers a guided, medium-intensity hike that ends in a slow, soothing flow on an open-air deck overlooking the mountains.

COMO Parrot Cay — Turks and Caicos

This private island resort sits on 1,000 pristine acres—and guests can take full advantage of the serenity with a visit to COMO Parrot Cay’s open-air yoga pavilion. Learn the art of pranayama breathing, or take a lesson that’s designed for all ages with the resort’s family class, designed for two adults and two children over the age of 3. Looking for something a little more intensive? This May, Parrot Cay is offering a six-night yoga clinic with the acclaimed Curry Sisters as instructors.

L’Auberge de Sedona — Sedona, Arizona

Nestled along a creek in the heart of Arizona’s Red Rocks regions, L’Auberge de Sedona allows guests to be fully present within nature. The resort has a plethora of yoga classes to choose from—all complimentary for guests—or for those looking to dive deeper, there are private yoga and meditation sessions available. One iteration focuses on connecting with nature, while another features a customized meditation practice with guiding imagery and sound healing.

Alpina Gstaad — Gstaad, Switzerland

With sweeping views of the Alps as a backdrop, the Alpina Gstaad provides an inspiring respite for any guest aiming to improve their flow. Several programs allow for guests to fully immerse themselves in yogic practices: The Yoga Discovery Program, an exploration of yoga that’s perfect for beginners, and the Yoga Detox Program, an immune-boosting retreat that’s a better fit for more experienced yoga aficionados. And for more casual practice, the resort hosts daily classes as well.

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