When Inspirato members Garrett and Jenn Miller booked a week-long stay at Sea Star, a sixth-floor luxury condo at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on world-renowned Seven Mile Beach for late August, they knew it was rainy season. But they thought that meant intermittent showers—not a deluge.

When the family of five got stuck with non-stop rain the day after they arrived, to say they were disappointed is an understatement. There’s nothing like bad weather and three young kids (ages 8, 4, and 2) to make one start to feel antsy. But, Garrett said, “thanks to the amenities and services at The Ritz-Carlton and the attention and care from the Inspirato East Team of Ashley and Sarah, the situation was redeemed. We had a fantastic time.”

The Inspirato team first took care of the most pressing details: rescheduling the family’s planned outdoor activities for later in the week when the forecast proved more promising. And then the team stepped it up to elevate service into saving grace.

“The staff provided us with extra games and activities for the kids,” Garrett said. “Then they most generously arranged for our two oldest kids to spend two of the rainy days attending morning camps at The Ritz-Carlton kids’ club, which we sincerely appreciated and the girls absolutely loved. They couldn’t have cared less about the rain as long as they were doing that. Sarah was also staying in touch with us, made extra trips to the grocery store (and wine shop!) to get us through the rainier weather.”

But what really got both parents was that the staff surprised the family with a birthday party for their youngest son (who had just turned 2) in their condominium after their plans to go to an outdoor-only restaurant were canceled.

This trip was really a lesson for our children in many things, particularly kindness and generosity. Sarah turned us onto a scavenger hunt the kids could do, designed for them to meet Ritz staffers that hail from many different countries, each of whom were exceptionally considerate. We were also able to teach them about things not always working out as planned but still find ways to enjoy our time as a family.

Jenn MillerInspirato member

With help from the team, the Millers quickly adjusted to the shift in plans and could see the weather through an appreciative lens—as the ultimate justification to do nothing.

“We ended up having some great times playing board games together and just relaxing in the condominium. It’s so easy to want to load up on activities and excursions on vacations, but really, the slowing down felt the most nourishing. “We were surprised by how much we enjoyed ourselves,” Garrett said. By the time the sun began to shine, the family had done some serious bonding and were primed to take full advantage of the outdoors. “Our last four days on island were perfect,” he said.

The Millers were happy to discover that even if you can’t depend on the weather, you can depend on Inspirato to bring together the necessary ingredients to make a vacation magical

“Inspirato truly does care about making your vacation a relaxing and memorable experience and they most definitely succeeded at that. It is why we are members. We could stay anywhere, but to have that level of attention, service and genuine care for our family on our vacation is what defines Inspirato,” Garrett said. “They really do get to know you and your family and all of our likes, dislikes and quirks. Inspirato is unmatched in their ability to always get the details just right.”

This story, written by Elizabeth Marglin, appeared in the most recent issue of Inspirato Magazine. To see more of Elizabeth’s work, visit elizabethmarglin.contently.com.

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